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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Father Christmas Ornaments~Cross stitching

Here, on the eve of December 1st, I've started my first 2013 Christmas Ornament.  This year I'll be stitching "Father Christmas" figures from "The Prairie Schooler Book No. 43."  It's an older book, but still a beautiful one with its rustic little figures.  I like these kind of Santas best of all.

Every year I try to stitch something for my daughter and grandson for their tree.  They look forward to the ornament for their collection.  My little grand has a whole box of them that he loves to hang every year.  He's only 5, but he knows his ornaments!

Two Christmas lap quilts were mailed out yesterday to another pair of grandson's in CA, featuring Santa as a centerpiece holding his huge sack of toys.  They were fun to make...bright and patched with gingerbread boys, holly, small santas, and other fabrics.  I failed to take pictures for my blog....

As I sit here listening to early Christmas music on dulcimer and country instruments, I think of New England and our winters there.  Near Boston...the wintry cold so freezing it would get in my bones, but the house toasty and filled with all my quilting, knitting and needlework supplies so I could make my yearly gifts for my 5 children and little grands. 

Our house was outside of Boston in Sturbridge, known for Old Sturbridge Village an actual reproduction and functioning historic village.  As a local, it was also known for a plethora of quilting and antique shops where I could lose myself and my money on a regular basis!  Brimfield Antiques Fair was only a step away twice a year...a nationally known fair.

When we decided to get healthier, size down and move to FL, I had to leave behind so much of all I loved in Boston and Sturbridge.  First of all my son, Jason, and his little family...and then our big house with all the room I needed for my arts and needlework, and furniture.  Then, the beautiful landscape and culture of New England.  The seasons are a thing we miss here in our paradise of a steady 75-80 degrees during the fall and winter in Naples, FL.   Sometimes, I wonder if warm bodies, working joints and sunshine are all they're cracked up to be!!  It was fun to wrap up in gorgeous winter clothes at times.  And, I particularly miss my son and family.

I'll be stitching away in the coming weeks, so I'll post my progress on the Father Christmases.

Meanwhile, I hope you all will be doing what makes you happiest as the Good Season approaches!

Warmest wishes,