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Saturday, August 20, 2011

YA Fiction & Reviews Coming This Fall~Other Books, too...

The Dame's reviews in coming months will be mainly focused on YA fiction. I've been reading and loving this genre for such a long time, and haven't had time to devote my blog to reviewing it, because of other commitments.  Now the time has come, and I'm dedicating a large chunk of space for YA's this year!

 Here is a sampling of the books I plan to review for the next couple of months...but not all of them, of course...I have some secret ones to fill in!

 Here's a new one for you!  Bet you haven't heard of this one.
        New in YA fiction...isn't the cover fantastic?

By:  Michelle Harrison
Published by:  Little, Brown, & Co.
Children's Literature
1st in a series

I was so attracted to this book when I first saw it.  The cover just draws your attention, doesn't it.  Very "readable" cover. It's about a little girl named Tanya who sees fairies...evil fairies.  She goes to visit her grandmother and finds that a girl vanished into the woods near her grand's mansion years ago... As Tanya tries to unravel the mystery of the lost girl, she finds herself becoming more entwined in the fairy realm.

Here's the next in the series!  Fun!

Published by:  Little, Brown & Co.,
Young Adult Fiction

The Dame simply couldn't pass this one over.  A dystopian novel about a society that "codes" their people to decide if they live in the "Enclave" or not...
From the cover:  "Those marked with a code will determine the future.  One marred by a scar will unravel the past."

Published by:  St. Martin's Press
Available everywhere now!

I've been waiting such a long time to review this excellent book! Inside cover quote:
"My name is Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, and my age is three hundred and eighty-four years.  Each new settlement asks for a new journal, and so this Book of Shadows begins..."
This is a sort of historical novel, a time travel, and a love story, of course. 

By:  Stacey Jay

I belong to Audible http://audible.com/ and for a relatively small fee every month I get a great selection of books of DVD quality with excellent narrators.
The books I choose from Audible are generally ones I don't want to take time to read, but that I really would like to read...if you get my drift.  If I review them, I always state that they're audio books "reads." 
"Juliet Immortal" is a sort of retake of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" except it takes place in the present, and it's target is YA fiction.  I previewed the recorded version and loved the narrator's voice.

Narrated by:  Kristine Ryan

Another Audible book I've just ordered.  I've planned to actually read this book, but I have the audio book just for a backup for airports and car trips. 

Published by:  Poisoned Pen
Austrailian Author
Soon to be Televised Series!

I adore the redoubtable Ms Phryne Fisher.  She is sexy, sleek, a flapperish sensation wherever in the world she may be.  She's a sleuth with suitors galore.  And, Kerry Greenwood, her author is a hilarious writer who dares us to put down Phryne and walk away from her other books...It's, frankly, just impossible.  I love these books sooo much.  I want to take the covers and wallpaper my bedroom with them!

Published by:  Harper Collins
Written for:  Children of All Ages
Released:  Before Christmas!
Pre-order on Amazon.com

I am so excited to be getting my copy of this amazing book by Lauren Oliver.  I'm absolutely smashed by the gorgeous, ornate cover.  This pictuare just doesn't do it justice. It's going to be out in time for Christmas shopping.  Very excited to bring you a review before then!

Published by:  Harper Collins
YA Fiction

A book I'm currently reading for review tomorrow.  Lauren Oliver is a writer you just have to read...she's what's happening in YA fiction today.

Book 1 of a series
YA fiction

Can you believe this cover?  Don't you just want to buy it to sit around on your bedside table or cocktail table?  I'm also dying to read it.  Look for my review in the coming 3 months!

Just because I loved "Madame Bovary" and want to know more about her....and I love this cover...and the story sounds so good!

Publisher:  St. Martin's Griffin Press
Release Date:  December 2011
YA Fiction

This one has it all:  mystery, magic, love and the atmosphere of a ghostly New Orleans to-boot.  It's also the first in a series, which just caps it all off for those of us who can't help ourselves when series novels come out.  Intelligently written, I'm looking forward to prereviewing this for my readers!

Oh, for Heaven's sake!  How did Ms Phryne Fisher pop up again on my entry?  :P

And, once again, your Bookish Dame is forced to ask...as the great Evita sang it best...."Oh...Have I said too much?  Well... if I have... then every~ word~ is ~true!"

Thank you, and come back to see me, and follow...please...

Your Bookish Dame/Deborah


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