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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gothic, Tragic, & Gorgeous~Sisters Divided... "Prophecy of Sisters" Trilogy

 First in the trilogy: "Prophecy of the Sisters" begins the story of two sisters who have divergent paths in their souls.  Even before birth...one wants to be born, and the other doesn't.

“This is a brooding, haunting tale of an ancient struggle between living and dead, with two sisters at its heart. It's Gothic, Edwardian, and absolutely un-put-down-able!” —Tamora Pierce, New York Times bestselling author of The Circle of Magic series. 
Second book in the series:  "Guardian of the Gate"  continues the mysterious struggles of the sisters.  I haven't read this one...I'm dying to know what happens!

    Just released!  "Circle of Fire"  the final book in the series of the Prophecy of the Sisters. 

    These gorgeous covers are amazing and the stories are beautifully written to entice and embroil you in the tightly wound spell that's entangled the sisters; one that makes them distrust eachother.  How will they save themselves and come together?

The Dame Ranks This Book:
A+  It's a series/trilogy
A+  It's about young women
A+  It's gothic
A+  It's fantasy and prophecy intense
A+  Gorgeous, collectable cover
A+  Very good reviews on all books so far

A probable good sense buy for your library.  I hope to get all three books.  I love the look of these books, even the binding cover art is beautiful.  And, I always appreciate books I can hand down to my daughter and granddaughter.  Meanwhile, the read will be awesome!

Good reading to you, as well !  Please leave us a comment if you've read any of these books...and if you have a favorite of the sisters.



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