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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Theodosia..." A Nancy Drew on Ritalin for Bookish 'tweeners!

What a darling book for mystery~loving 'tweeners! Theodosia is just the most precocious little girl who lives in a museum with her absent-minded curator/researcher of a father, her  and a motley crew of others, including her cat. She is the most awake and aware of the dangers seeping the bowels of the museum, of course, and she's bountifully to the rescue!

I loved Theodosia and her funny ways...so smart and sassy...so Nancy Drew on ritalin. I can't wait for my little granddaughters to get old enough for Grammie to send them Theodosia mysteries!

And, here's a secret...Grammie liked reading this book on her own. I may be checking back with Theodosia to see what else comes into the museum that she needs to take care of!


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