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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not Interested in Readings

I feel bad about my head, but I'm really not interested in another story written by a celebrity about her struggles with her eating disorder.  I'm just not!   Besides, Ellen already gave the book so much time, video, pictures and press that it would be anti-climatic just to read this one!   Poor beautiful, sweet Portia now has a good handle on her life, and we can all be happy for that, so I say, "Let's just move along now and focus on a child who really needs our attention with their psychological issues."

Did I say I'm sorry?  :[    I am
I tried.  I really gave it the hard and hearty girlscout's try.
I read, I listened and I listened again.  But, no...I just couldn't.  I even read ahead/listened ahead.   Btw, the narrator of "Adam & Eve" in audiobook made me want to punch my laptop.  Maybe she didn't help things...

This just isn't one of Ms Naslund's best, I'm sorry.  It's contrived.  I couldn't finish it...I couldn't really warm up to her main characters.  I felt sorry for Adam, is all I could come up with...

I'm ordinarily a fan of Naslund's, so I've not given up hope and I look forward to her next effort.  She just probably needs to stick to her "Ahab" (ish) area of the world of writing.

Did I say I'm sorry?  I am.


And here I don't really want to picture anyone's book or single them out because, well, I just don't for so many reasons....

But I'm sick of horrendous demonic, spiritualistic, bloody, lustful, sadistic, mind-altering, bodice-ripping, (notice I'm leaving vampires and were's out here...) books!!!    I really think they're just verging on pornographic (some go way over that line!) TRASH and I don't understand why some of my good friends even give them the time of day!!

I don't consider them literature.  I'm sorry...well, no I'm not sorry this time.  I'm just out to crush them.  These type of books are a blot on literature.  They are the toilet bowls of books.  Can we possibly keep them in the same shelves and/or piles with the likes of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte?

I love the new "steampunk" genre and much of the sci-fy/futuristic books....but those books mentioned above which disguise themselves under Romance novels are just porno in a pretty wrapper.

It's time we spoke out and took a stand about it.

Your Bookish Dame



I saw that the A&E book didn't get very good reviews, so I passed - now I'll definitely pass knowing that you didn't like it. I read the first couple of chapters of Portia's book on my Kindle. What I read seemed pretty good - I have so much else to read that I don't know if I'll get to it. I'm reading Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly right now - it's very good - you should definitely read it!!


I totally agree with you on this one! I know celebrities have problems too, but why do they have to do the whole woe is me, read my sad story book? Just get over your problems and move on!

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