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Thursday, June 6, 2013

"The Sparkle Factory..." by Tarina Tarantino~ Making Your Own Jewels!


Tarina Tarantino’s love affair with fashion jewelry and accessories began when she was just a little girl. Tarina now owns and operates her famous global jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics brand, TARINA TARANTINO, out of her international headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, The Sparkle Factory. In her first book, Tarina invites you into her world to learn how to make and wear beautiful and inspirational fashion jewelry. Fashionistas, aspiring jewelry designers, and DIY lovers will learn how to make 20 of Tarina's most essential pieces including statement earrings, cocktail rings, hair jewelry, stretch cuff bracelets, embellished spectacles, and more. Fans of Tarina will also learn about her brand history, getting inspired, creating themes and stories, sourcing materials, essential tools and techniques, how to wear and style your jewelry wardrobe, and more. The text is complemented by tips and hundreds of full-color photos throughout.

Published by:  Running Press Book Publishers
Pages:  272
Genre:  Non-fiction/Crafts
Author:  Tarina Tarantino
Website: Tarina Tarantino


Tarina Tarantino founded her global jewelry and accessories brand with her husband and business partner, Alfonso Campos, in 1995. Today, she has storefronts in L.A. and Milan, with plans to open more. Her jewelry, accessories, and cosmetics are sold in over 2,000 retailers worldwide. Tarina lives in Los Angeles, California


I have one regret, and that's that I can't show you the great number of pictures in this book,  and all the creations from the imagination of this wonderful fashion jewelry designer!  What a whopping good book this is and such fun to run through over and over.  It's simply a bible of ideas and designs.

Tarina is a colorist first and foremost, which makes the pieces she designs and suggests to us just sing.  I could have looked at these illustrations and pictures a hundred times and still found something new to bore my eyes through.    Imaginative and funky...yes!  So interesting and top of the line in their visual impact.  I loved this book!

There are easy designs for bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that anyone can make here.  They aren't difficult, but they look like they would be to the average eye, once you complete them.  I loved the range and ideas. Each one lends themselves to a person's expressing themselves within the design models.  For instance, I prefer a more early 19th c. look for these type of jewelry pieces...so Tarina's designs would work well for that period by my changing the colorways. Tarina's muse is focused on contemporary looks; however, and the styles are awesome.

This is a book that's perfect for the modern jewelry-maker at any level.  You'll love the pictures, the clear instructions and the many, many ideas given here.

5 stars                    Deborah/TheBookishDame


Carrie at In the Hammock Blog

Wow! This looks so awesome!! thanks for the heads up, i hadn't seen it yet!

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