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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Books, books, books! Nothing makes you feel better!

Seriously, I started to have a down week this week because I thought I wasn't going to get any new books to read.  As you all know, I'm a steady and voracious reading machine, and I just had this notion that this was the week nobody was going to send me anything.  But, when I heard the doorbell ring on Tuesday, I was so happy!!  A book!!  And it just escalated from there, thank God.
I know I don't deserve these little jewels.  I'm just blissful, anyway.  And, I'm so happy to share with you.  I bought two of them.  I couldn't resist. 
 I made a trip to Books-A-Million because I was feeling so lonely this week.  I don't know if I told you my best friend died a couple of years ago, and I just get over-whelmed missing her sometimes, and since there is not a local bookstore in my town, BAM is the next best thing.
So, here are the two I purchased:

You can find it here:  Kirkus Reviews
Just a snap shot of a summary:  "First of a trilogy about virtue compromised and beauty commodified, set in late-18th-century England."
I also bought this one.  I'm trying to build my Penguin Classics collection.  This is my favorite classic along with "The Scarlet Letter," so I had to have it.  I probably have another 5 volumes of it in different covers from different time periods of publication.  I just love this snarly rosebud vines cover!  Perfect for Heathcliff and Kathy...  It's separated into an Introduction from Charlotte Bronte as "Currier Bell," has a chronological page of Emily Bronte's writings and life, Criticism, is set by the original three volume delineiation, and has tons on notes and vocabulary. Phew!  A good deal of stuff for a pretty small volume.  I love it!!
Here's where you can get a copy:

This is a book I'm really looking forward to reading!  It's the story of a group of women who put their lives together after being widowed (obviously.)  I want to read it so much because I was widowed in my early 30's and couldn't find anyone else in my age range who was, too.  So, I pretty much had to suffer it alone.  I'm so curious to find out how they managed to plow through the phases of grief together.  Can't wait to read it.  It was sent to me by CROWN PUBLISHING and I'm so grateful.
Find a synopsis and get the book here:  Kirkus Reviews
I was so delighted to receive a note from Susanna Calkins, the author, to read and review a copy of her debut book above.  I love this sort of historical fiction/murder mystery.  Isn't the cover beautiful?  On the back cover it says:  "In Susanna Calkins's atmospheric debut novel, a chambermaid must uncover a murderer in seventeenth-century plague-ridden London--"
Love stories around the plague!!
This one is published by one of the best in the business:  Minotaur Books/St. Martins

I'm Scottish and English by heritage.  What's not to love about Scottish history?  :]  This is a comprehensive study and I am so delighted to have received a copy from Thomas Dunne Books of St. Martin's Griffin.
This book includes such famous Scots such as Mary, Queen of Scots and Bonnie Prince Charles!
Find your copy here:  Barnes & Noble
These three huge volumes came from Grand Central/Hachette Publishing this week.  I've heard great things about Child 44 and wanted to read it a couple of years ago when it first came out.  It's a Russian spy/murder mystery/suspense novel.  These other two books are more about the protagonist we meet in the original book.  I'm really dying to start this series.  Lots of good things read about them.  Here are reviews from Kirkus and links to purchase:
Should keep me busy and out of trouble for a few days!!
This is a book I requested to read.  It is, of course, about one of the Navy SEAL Team SIX who went in to "collect"  Osama Ben Laden on that fateful evening. He's one who didn't make it out.  Known for his immense courage throughout his life and for his love of family and country, Eric Blehm also had a great faith in God to accompany him into battle.  I'm so looking forward to reading this one.
Find it here:  Barnes & Noble
Just think...a YA!!  I'm so thrilled to have gotten a new YA novel!!  YAY!!  I still have to write a review on the first book in this series "A Breath of Eyre," which you can imagine is about the dear
Jane. Haven't had a minute.  But, I will read "...Scarlet," and get them off in the same post this year.
Purchase her here:  Amazon
Here is an international best seller that looks great. It came in courtesy of Minotaur as well.  Thanks, Minotaur!!  Here's a little about it from Amazon's overview:
Snow White Must Die by Nele Neuhaus is a tremendous new contemporary mystery series and huge international bestseller—with more than 2.5 million copies in print!
On a rainy November day police detectives Pia Kirchhoff and Oliver von Bodenstein are summoned to a mysterious traffic accident: A woman has fallen from a pedestrian bridge onto a car driving underneath. According to a witness, the woman may have been pushed.

Get your copy here:  Amazon

So, that's what came on my door step from my happy postman who always says, "You've got a lot of readin' to do this week!"

And, he's so right. 

What did you get to read this week? 

Do any of these sound good?

Have you read any of them already? 

 Any recommendations...?




Holy cow, that's a lot of book goodness! I didn't know Tom Rob Smith has a new book out.

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