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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Simon & Schuster Picks for 2013!!

Here's a showing of my first choices of the new books coming out in 2013, beginning in January.  I have a few of my favorite authors here:  Nancy Bilyeau, Jodi Picoult, and Jeffrey Deaver....  and some new authors whose books sound fantastic!

Linking you up here through Amazon for some previews and pre-ordering:

The Chalice  ~  This is a continuation in Nancy's "Crown" series which I reviewed here last year.
                          She's a brilliant writer of English history!  Henry VIII, torture chambers....

The Storyteller ~  Jodi Picoult can run hot and cold, but I'm always a fan of hers because she posits
                             the most provocative questions.  This novel looks like it's in the vein of her original
                             style.  I can't wait to read it!

The Typewriter Girl ~  This one looks great.  I love a turn of the century novel that pits a beautiful,
                                      smart girl against the odds...especially love and the seaside.  I'm looking
                                      forward to this historical novel.

Edge ~  You've often seen me say that Jeffrey Deaver is one of my top 5 suspense novelists.  He's
              a genius at this genre.  I can't miss one of his new books.  This one has a torturer loose on
              a man's family for intelligence information....  I have chills already!!!

The Comfort of Lies ~  The one I want to read first.  I'm dying to read this contemporary story of a
                                       child in the cross-roads of several people and parents.  Could be the most
                                       real of modern day dilemmas...  Can't wait!!!

Summerset Abbey ~   A first book in a series that can be compared to a Downton Abbey (but I
                                    hate to do that!).   This novel seems more interesting in background, relating
                                    the very different experiences of 3 unlikely sisters.

                                    And, there's a follow up 2nd book in the series that comes quickly behind!

So, these are my Simon & Schuster early picks to read.  I'm hoping for a chance to review them for you this Spring.

What are your early picks???     Which of these do you think you'll like?

For some reason, I'm thinking this is going to be a year for  historical fiction with the publishers, but I could be wrong...  What do you think?


PS:  Yes, I meant for the type to be strange....  :]


Melissa @ Confessions of an Avid Reader

Several of the books you've listed are on my list for 2013, too! I can't wait to read Summerset Abbey and The Chalice, in particular.

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