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Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Paradise Misplaced" by Lisa April Smith ~ A Thriller!

SUMMARY :   All the twists and suspense, danger and crime, romance and sizzle, that kept readers of Exceeding Expectations turning the pages long into the night, are back in Paradise Misplaced, along with Charlie, Jack and Naomi – three unforgettable characters.

In Manhattan, being recently dumped by her soulmate becomes the least of Charlotte (Charlie) Morgan’s problems after she is viciously pushed off a subway platform in front of an oncoming train. Her modeling career seems over and she may not walk again. Throughout her lengthy hospital stay the police have no success finding her assailant or determining a motive. A handsome detective recovering from similar injuries is assigned to be her physical therapy partner. Concerned that her attacker will try again, he urges her to draw up list of anyone she might have angered or rejected. Eliminating those who don’t fit a compiled description of her attacker leaves just one suspect – a millionaire power broker with a famous art collection.

In his quest for his next wealthy wife, loveable lothario/conman Jack is in Buenos Aires romancing women he meets at a fashionable hotel where he even isn’t a registered guest. To finance this precarious existence, Jack ever-so-gently exploits foreign tourists and local land barons. But whether he succeeds, falls short or fails miserably, rely on sexy Jack to be entertaining.

Understandably bitter Naomi is in Israel works on an archeological dig and seeks temporary relief from her demons in one-night-stands and meaningless affairs. Unwilling to be yet another in a series of her lovers, a rough-hewn widowed farmer relentlessly pursues her.

On three continents, with thousands of miles separating them, will Charlie, Jack and Naomi meet? Will their individual stories end in triumph or disaster? Prepare to stay glued until the very last page!

Published by:  CreateSpace
Pages:  286
Genre:  General Fiction/Suspense/Thriller
Author:  Lisa April Smith
Purchase:  Barnes and Noble  and Amazon


Before discovering a passion for writing Ms. Smith traded in antiques, taught ballroom dancing and managed projects for IBM. College studies included psychology, archeology, literature, history, anthropology/sociology and computer science. She holds degrees in the latter two fields. Combine those widely diverse interests with a wry wit and creative ingenuity and readers won’t be surprised at the amazing reviews her books inspire. Perhaps one admiring reviewer said it best, “Lisa April Smith’s books have the pace of and heat of Jacqueline Susann and the style and sophistication of Dominick Dunne.”

I am just thrilled to be able to tell you about this new novel by Lisa April Smith, one of my very favorite self-published authors.  Having been introduced to the main characters, Charlie, Jack, Naomi and others in "Exceeding Expectations" last year, it was very exciting to be able to follow their story further in this new sequel.  (Please do a search on the left sidebar for my review of "Exceeding Expectations," fyi.)

This is a combination thriller and romance novel.  I sped through the book with hardly a stopping point.  The action and the fascinating information found there kept my attention long after I should have been asleep.  This is a page burner!

Without retelling the story which you can easily read in the summary above, let me say that this is one so well developed and plotted that it felt like watching a movie.  A very fine and absorbing movie...  Lisa has a way with descriptive words.  She can capture a moment in a phrase that says a thousand words.  She can give you the depth of her characters with the imagery of a couple of incidences and they are cemented in your mind and heart throughout the whole story.  Her characters are solid and knowable.  They are so true to their "roles" you can easily see them behaving as they do even under the amazing stresses they come under as the story unfolds.  Wonderful and magical use of characters!  I fell in love with all of them and I could still read more about them.

That being said, I have to address the very adept way Ms Smith weaves art theory, art history and archeology into her novel.  Additionally, she has a strong sense of foreign places, society and cultures that lends a wonderful ambiance and richness to her book.  These things are highly unusual in books of this genre to the extent she employs them, and to the level of her expertise.  She makes several countries and cultures within her story, the art and the explorations surrounding them, come alive with local color and action.  This type of writing makes her book an exploration of life and love of life that's apparent on so many levels. It makes it an added joy to read.  Fascinating details without being boring or weighed down.

I never fail to learn something by reading one of Lisa April Smith's books.

Mysterious physical attacks, handsome strangers, loves lost and found...sexy encounters in desert places...these are the things that intrigue and keep me reading her books, too!  I think she has a very fine notion of what's sensual without being obnoxious in the arena of sexual encounters.  I love her humorous take on the absurdities of love.  Sophistication is Lisa's middle name and her books are all about that.

"Paradise Misplaced" is one you don't want to miss!  Lisa April Smith just gets better with every book.  You can read this independent of "Exceeding Expectations," but to read both is a treat.

5 stars    Deborah/TheBookishDame



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