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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Giveaway!! "Willow Pond" by Carol Tibaldi~Roaring 20's Fun!

SUMMARY As the Roaring Twenties crumbles into the Great Depression, Virginia Kingsley, owner of New York's swankiest and most popular speakeasy, Baccanal, learns her baby nephew is kidnapped.  Is she somehow involved?  His movie star father and her neice must set aside their differences to work with Virginia and her shady contacts to find the stolen child. A Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who befriends the mother may hold a key to the mystery.
Published by:  Create Space
Pages:  324
Available in ebook and paperback
Author:  Carol Tibaldi
Buy the book:  Amazon  and  Barnes and Noble

Carol Tibaldi was born and raised in Bayside, New York and attended Queens College of the City University of New York. She loves to travel and has lived in London and Los Angeles. For twenty five years she worked as a newspaper reporter and covered the crime beat. She is a history buff and loves to research different time periods having a special affinity of the prohibition era and the Civil War. Willow Pond is her first novel and she is hard at work on the sequel.
Find out more about Carol and "Willow Pond" here:  http://caroltibaldi.com
"I found suspense, lies and love all wrapped up in this wonderful story. I anxiously await your next book and am sure this one will be a winner." --Shelly Itkin
"Willow Pond is a treasure to read. Tibaldi is a first-time author who has made an indelible mark with her debut novel." eNovel Reviews
"Carol Tibaldi, with surprise twists, a plot that flows perfectly and great characters you can connect with had me hooked from the beginning." --Laura Thomas
KayleeeKS says~   5 stars!  I was hooked literally from the first sentence:
“I was hooked literally from the first sentence: “Laura Kingsley Austin was Jean Harlow beautiful.” What a great opening line that does so much in so few words! I already pictured the character perfectly and felt an immediate sense of being transported into another time and place. Tibaldi does a fabulous job of “showing” the story instead of “telling” – providing the reader with enough details on the era to remind us of where and when we are, while allowing the story to unfold at a natural, brisk pace. I have to admit I am a huge fan of the short chapters as it keeps me rapidly turning the pages for “just a little bit more”…and before I know it, I’m done! I liked the romance between Erich and Laura, but felt it took a backstage to the other relationships in this book, mainly the one between Laura and Virginia (which was great!) And Laura and her ex-husband Phillip, the famous movie star and father of her missing son. If you like a story with mystery, twists, unexpected surprises and a riveting plot, then this is one you definitely don’t want to miss.”
I've always been fascinated with the Roaring 20's.  In fact, if I believed in reincarnation, I'd believe that I had lived before in that era.  I love the clothes, the excitement of Prohibition days, and the times alive with headlines of gangsters and tommy guns!  Carol Tibaldi brings the Roaring 20's alive in her book "Willow Pond" with all its details and with a kidnapping to boot!
Her characters are drawn with such specifics that I easily fell into suspended belief. Virginia, the red-hot mama of her own speakeasy is brash and ballsy as she takes it upon herself to search out the whereabouts of little Todd her kidnapped grand nephew.  Her fearlessness is so indicative of the times and is a great breath of fresh air to women who are looking for a feminist ideal. She's my favorite character in this novel.  I loved her beauty and panache!  Great characterization!
Other main characters such as Erich and Laura, the star struck lovers--journalist and mother of missing little Todd, respectively, are both sympathetic and darlings of the book.  Their love affair is not over-done, but is realistic and believable within the context of the story.  It's very entertaining and keeps the action moving along as they investigate leads to Todd's kidnapper.
I loved one of the villians!  Great choice of a kidnapping story that nearly dwelt behind the scenes and stole the show in my mind.  This was a genius way of keeping me reading.  I couldn't wait to find out more about baby Todd's actual circumstances, and how they were going to find him.
"Willow Pond" is a wonderful book told with a great hand by Carol Tibaldi.  She doesn't disappoint!

The Roaring 20's comes alive with this story told in the flavor of the Lindburg kidnapping.  I highly suggest it to my readers of all genre.  Slip into something comfortable for this good read!  And, I also suggest getting it in paperback...the cover is gorgeous and great for your library collection since Carol is writing her sequel!

5 stars                         Deborah/The Bookish Dame

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Carol N Wong

My aunt went to speakeasys! My mother told me this. She was born almost at the tail end of a large family. I so wish that I had asked her more. I wonder what the women thought back then when they were flappers. I read that just like WWII, they stepped in to fill the empty jobs during WWI and they had just got the right to vote. Would love to be able to listen in on my aunts conversations back then!



Carol, thanks for sharing this! Do you have any pictures? I would love to have talked to someone from back in that era...


The roaring twenties I think of such an interesting time but also a time of change. I think of woman starting to make their mark, at least in the arts by expressing themselves more in fashions.


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