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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Hidden Paradise by Janet Mullaney ~ X-Rated

Summary Louisa Connelly, a recently widowed Jane Austen scholar, needs some relief from her stifling world. When a friend calls to offer her a temporary escape from her Montana ranch, she is whisked into a dizzying world of sumptuous food, flowing wine…and endless temptation.
She's an honored guest at Paradise Hall, an English resort boasting the full experience of an authentic Georgian country-house weekend. Liveried servants tend to every need of houseguests clad in meticulous period costume: snug breeches, low-cut silken gowns and negligible undergarments.
It's Mac Salazar, a journalist immersing himself fully, deeply, lustily in the naughty pleasures of upstairs-downstairs dalliances, who piques Louisa's curiosity—and libido—most. He's a dilettante straight out of a novel: uninhibited, unapologetic and nearly insatiable. But Lou's not romantic about this much, at least: Paradise Hall is a gorgeous fantasy, nothing more. A lover like Mac is pure fiction. And the real world beckons….

Particulars :
  • Publisher: Harlequin
  • Publication date: 9/18/2012
  • Pages: 320

  • About the Author :
    Janet Mullany was raised in England by half of an amateur string quartet and now lives near Washington, DC. Persecuted from an early age for reading too much, she still loves books and is an avid and eclectic reader. In addition to writing, she has worked as an archaeologist, classical music radio announcer, arts administrator, and for a small press.         

    The Dame's Review :   
    Janet Mullany is well known for her writing in connection with the Georgian and Victiorian periods;  Jane Austenish inspired tales of vampires, and historical novels of English ladies caught in compromising positions with Lords and Dukes who wish to swoop them off to hidden and mysterious estates.  Most of us who recognize her or have heard of her, know her for this genre.  So when I heard she had a new book out, I was the first in line to want to read it!  I'm a great fan of her Austen-inspired vampire series and reviewed it here last year...."Jane and the Damned" is the latest in that series.

    When Mullany's book arrived, I was anxious to get started reading and snuggled down for what I expected to be a good night's read.  But before my head had hit the pillow, I was gasping for air at the first paragraphs!  "Hidden Paradise" was not the book I expected!  Sexually explicit ... actually raunchy in parts, Janet Mullany has spared no details to make this attempt at "Shades of Grey" completely "dark grey!"  There's no shading about it!

    Though the sexuality is cushioned in the smokescreen of a getaway and the serving staff who administers the sex play, this is simply a book about a woman's sexual fantacies.  The bottom line here is that the book is a tease and a temptation...soft porn or even more...medi-porn for women who want to get it on while reading.  And, I don't mean that lightly.

    While I'm obviously not one who appreciates erotic or sexually explicit material, I can appreciate that Ms Mullany knows  how to write well.  For those whose bag this kind of book is....I'm sure you'll quite enjoy it!



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