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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Where The Wild Things Are~The Passing of Our Beloved Maurice Sendak

Our beloved "Wild Thing" has gone back to his island in his little boat where he will undoubtedly be greeted by many a beastie and wild thing who has loved and missed him over many years.  It will be such a loss for those of us still left over here in The Night Kitchen...sleeping in our restless beds, waiting for the bread to be baked and our milk to be poured. 

He died yesterday at age 83.

When my children were old enough to sit and listen to music and to my reading to them, I bought Carol King's rendition of "I'm Really Rosie" and all the other Maurice Sendak books and poems to music.  "Rosie" was a favorite of my daughter's.  But, I have sung "Chicken Soup" to my children hundreds of times, as well as to my grandchildren and other children, over the course of nearly 40 years. I've sung it with passion and acted it out because
 I know it by heart.
 I most recently bought a set of Mr. Sendak's tiny library for my youngest grandsons.  One of whom was pictured hiding under a table with a little red one in his tiny hands.
  His dad did the same thing 30 years prior.
Maurice doesn't age, you see.

"I Don't Care" kept my grandson, Kellan, on the sofa and quiet when he had a blazing ear infection last year.  He loves to hear me sing it to him whenever we get a chance. 
Kellan is sometimes a petulant child, and that poem suits him just fine.  :]
It and he are adorable!

And, "One Was Johnny" used to give us all a run for our money.  I remember all my children and me during the years trying to keep up with that song! 
I know all the songs/poems by heart.

I've read "Where the Wild Things Are" hundreds of times, have you?  I've purchased "wild thing" paraphernalia for my children and grands over the past 40 years, and wished I was young enough to wear them and play with them myself.  Even now, I'd take a Wild Thing stuffed animal, thank you.

So, here's to you, Mr. Sendak....and, actually,
Hail, to the Chief!
Good-night, dear friend.
My little family and I love you and  will really miss you.

A Small Note About Him from Galley Cat:  (mediabistro.com)

Brooklyn-born children’s writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. Sendak grew up in Bensonhurst and graduated Lafayette High School before going on to create wildly popular works—often dark and with an edge—like Where the Wild Things Are, which won him the prestigious Caldecott Medal. Even before his passing, the Brooklyn Book Festival had planned to honor Mr. Sendak with a special bookmark given to attendees at this year’s festival on September 23, a fitting tribute from Brooklyn—the Creative Capital of New York City and home to more writers per square inch than anywhere—to one of its native sons. On behalf of literary lovers throughout Brooklyn and beyond, I extend our thoughts and prayers to Maurice Sendak’s family, friends and colleagues.”

Please take time to read about him in this long,  dedicated article on Mr. Sendak  by The New York Times:


Please leave your comments.    Do you  have a favorite memory of Mr. Sendak's works?



What a beautiful post! And so wonderful that he lives on through us. I love it when authors give not only beautiful words, but beautiful memories. Maurice Sendak will always have a place in my heart and his passing leaves a hole.


What a sad day for readers everywhere.

Eugenia O'Neal

That was a lovely post! I was so sorry to hear of his passing.


What a touching post. We'll all miss him dearly.


Thank you, ladies. What a wonderful man he was. My "wild things" will miss him, too, I suspect! ;]

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