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Friday, May 25, 2012

My American Idol~Phillip Phillips!!

If there's ever been an American Idol, Phillip Phillips is the one.  Strong in his musical and personal style, and his convictions; but gentle in his spirit and personality...that represents the best in an American man. 

I've been watching with rapt attention over the last few months as Phillip just walked along this race like the proverbial tortoise.  He watched the rabbits race by.  They were frenetic in their song choices. They ran and hopped fast and high!  They screamed and warbled and laid out their notes to impress us all. 

But, Phillip kept on singing his songs, his way, wearing his clothes his way and slaying us with his quiet and gentle demeanor. His humor shining through and his humility bleeding out of him at every turn. Something to be said about that in these rough and rowdy times.  Maybe we just need a quiet and soft place to land..."going home."    



Did he end up winning? I don't watch the show anymore but did watch the audtions and he's one of the two people I remember! Him and Heyjun (i think thats how you spell his name!) LOL.


LOL Melissa, that Hejun was a riot!! I thought he sang pretty well, too. :]

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