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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Pearls~My Granddaughter, Hadley

This is my sweet granddaughter, Hadley.  She's the hope of the future Mother's Days.
Hadley is my only granddaughter.

Her dad, here, is my eldest son, Jason, and they live in Massachusetts near Cape Cod.  Here, they are taking the ferry to Martha's Vineyard for a visit with friends for the week last year.

Hadley is an All American Girl.  She loves pink and purple...she won't wear anything that doesn't have a predominance of one of those two colors.  She loves dresses. fancy shoes and girly jewelry (compliments of her Grammie Debi).
She's very interested in "Fancy Nancy" and has all of her books from the earliest to the newest!
She actually loves the word, "actually."

Hadley has her mom and dad read to her quite often; that is, every night and day.
Grammie also sends her fancy books about little girls with cute shoes and dress up things, and such.
This June it's her birthday, just like her gram's, and she will graduate to Fancy Nancy's new chapter book series.

Hadley loves her new American Doll which she waited a long time to get. Her mom and dad wanted her to be old enough to appreciate the significance of an American Doll.  I think they were right.  They've taught Hadley
that sometimes you have to wait for good things, but the waiting is worth it.

And, Hadley is an out-doorsey girl who took her first steps in Florida holding Grammie's hands, wanting to go outside
to touch flowers!
She's in love with flowers and the outside. She has a veggie garden. She takes wilderness walks with her dad and mom.  Her mom runs marathons and her daddy recently told her,
 "See that, Hadley.  Watch your mother. She's just run a 20 mile race.  She can do anything, and so can you!"
Which just goes to show Hadley has awesome parents to model her parenting!
Her daddy runs marathons for charity, too.
And, Hadley collects her toys and gives lots to children who need them every year.

She also has a baby brother, Gardner, whom she has never shown a moments jealousy about.  She's been loving, patient and nurturing toward him, even though he's a happy-go-lucky and rambunctious little guy! 
 Hadley isn't.  She's quiet and artistic.  She'd rather Gardner would leave her dolls and art supplies alone, but she never
is unkind to him about it. 

Hadley knows how to play kindly and nicely with her friends.  She's also a sweet-hearted and thoughtful child to a grammie who lives very far away.

When she gets sad or upset she runs to her daddy, who knows just how to comfort her.  She tells him she needs a moment to download, and she's off and running again!

I know someday she's going to be a wonderful, loving mother.

So, this day I dedicate to Hadley Davenport Duncan...the best future mother I think I'll know...

Happy Pre-Mother's Day, Hadley!
Love, Grammie Debi



Hadley is so adorable! What a precious gem!!!

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