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Saturday, May 19, 2012

GIVEAWAYS Ending May 31st~ Sign Up Now!!

 These books are still available under GIVEAWAY on my blog ending on May 31st!!   I hope you'll find them and take advantage!!

Some recent winners are:

"Compulsively Mr. Darcy" by Nina Benneton  ~  Patricia Mariani

"Equity of Evil" by Rudy Mazzocchi  ~     Chrissy Peebles

"The Sister Queens" by Sophie Perinot  ~    Kayla Beck

"Fatal Induction" by Bernadette Pajer ~  Ann Charles

My biggest GIVEAWAY  will be held on June 1st...click on my sidebar to enter this one!!  It's in thanks for you!!  A $40 gift certificate!!!!

I hope you enjoy these Giveaways.  I try to make things worthwhile around my blog....                 Deborah/TheBookishDame



OH how cool! I would like to be entered! Is it possible to be entered for all books? I really like the books ENDURE and THE GUARDIANS WILDCHILD. When will the drawing be announced?
And if I am the only entrant will I win them all? :) Can't wait!


You'll have to check each of the books to see when the drawings will be, but for the most part they all end the 31st of May. The winners will be announced once I let them know they've won and they respond back to me, which is sometimes in a few days after the end of the giveaway! :] Can't win them all I'd bet, Jess! LOL But, you can try... :]


Hey, Jessica, you'll have to fight me for them. LOL! : ) These look like awesome titles!


All of these books look fabulous! Wishing I could win Endure and/or Blue Asylum!!



Welcome, Nini! Thanks for stopping in, and good luck in the giveaways!! :]


I'd love to win Endure or Blue Asylum, myself. Thanks for the giveaway.

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