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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

GIVEAWAY!! "Dark Room" ~Joshua Graham A Thriller!

Dark, deceptive, political intrigue and ghostly images...all this and more await the eager reader who loves a thriller and a mystery in "Darkroom."  I lived through the Viet Nam War era, but don't recall having read a single suspense novel that has its focus around the Vietnam cross-culture that made its way to the US. This book is unique in many ways. It has a bit of everything to recommend it:  love, mystery, conspiracy, family connections to ancient times and places, politics, terrorism and murder; not to mention the Viet Nam War and the vets that brought home not only images, but other baggage, and loved ones.  A must read, this book is fast moving, intriguing and beautifully written to tantalize!  Joshua Graham is a fantastic writer who knows when to dangle the carrot and when to pull it back.  I loved the whole reading process!  His characters are rich in detail, lovable, sad, frightening and strangely familiar.  I was literally up all night reading "Darkroom" having such a good time in the process.  I couldn't put it down...   If you've ever been placed in the moral dilemma of wondering whether you should tell the truth and risk it all, you'll love this book.  If you've ever wondered if there are conspiracies and cover ups in political arenas we aren't privy to, you'll love this book...  I have to give it a solid...
5 stars!!

Published by:  Howard Books/Simon and Schuster
Visit Mr. Graham's website here:  http://joshua-graham.com
Also see his blog at:  http://joshua-graham.com/blog/

Quick Overview of "Darkroom"

After scattering her mother’s ashes in Vietnam, photojournalist Xandra Carrick comes home to New York to rebuild her life and career. When she experiences supernatural visions that reveal atrocities perpetrated by American soldiers during the Vietnam War, she finds herself entangled in a forty-year-old conspiracy that could bring the nation into political turmoil.
Launching headlong into a quest to learn the truth from her father, Peter Carrick, a Pulitzer Prize Laureate who served as an embedded photographer during the war, Xandra confronts him about a dark secret he has kept–one that has devastated their family.
Her investigations lead her to her departed mother’s journal, which tell of love, spiritual awakening, and surviving the fall of Saigon.
Pursued across the continent, Xandra comes face-to-face with powerful forces that will stop at nothing to prevent her from revealing the truth. But not before government agencies arrest her for murder, domestic terrorism and an assassination attempt on the newly elected president of the United States.
Darkroom is a riveting tale of suspense that tears the covers off the human struggle for truth in a world imprisoned by lies.

About Joshua Graham :

 WINNER OF 2011 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS, Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble #1 bestselling author Joshua Graham’s novel BEYOND JUSTICE is taking the world by storm, one reader at a time. Many of his readers blame him for sleepless nights, arriving to work late, neglected dishes and family members, and not allowing them to put the book down.
Suspense Magazine listed BEYOND JUSTICE in its BEST OF 2010, alongside titles by Scott Turrow, Ted Dekker, Steven James and Brad Thor.
His short story THE DOOR’S OPEN won the HarperCollins Authonomy Competition (Christmas 2010.)
Publishers Weekly described BEYOND JUSTICE as: “A riveting legal thriller…breaking new ground with a vengeance…demonically entertaining and surprisingly inspiring.”
Joshua Graham grew up in Brooklyn, NY where he lived for the better part of 30 years. He holds a Bachelor and Master’s Degree and went on to earn his doctorate from Johns Hopkins University. During his time in Maryland, he taught as a professor at Shepherd College (WV), Western Maryland College, and Columbia Union College (MD).
Today he lives with his beautiful wife and children in Southern California. Several of Graham’s short fiction works have been published by Pocket Books and Dawn Treader Press.
Writing under the pen name Ian Alexander, Graham debuted with his first Epic Fantasy novel ONCE WE WERE KINGS, an Amazon #1 Bestseller in multiple categories and Award-Winning Finalist in the SciFi/Fantasy category of The USA “Best Books 2011″ Awards, as well as an Award-Winning Finalist in the Young Adult Fiction category of The USA “Best Books 2011″ Awards, and an Award Winner in the 2011 Forward National Literature Awards in the Teen/Young Adult category. ONCE WE WERE KINGS is available in ebook and hardcover editions.
Look for his next Suspense/Thriller DARKROOM (Simon & Schuster/Howard Books) to be released May 1, 2012!
For Film Rights Josh is represented by UNITED TALENT AGENCY. Please use the CONTACT button on this website for all inquiries.
You can visit his website at www.joshua-graham.com.
A Bookish Libraria is pleased to be on the virtual book publicity tour for Mr. Graham sponsored by Pump Up Your Books.  To find out more about the GIVEAWAY, please go to this site:  http://pumpupyourbooks.com
                                     and search for "Darkroom"

Thanks for stopping by!   Deborah/TheBookishDame


Joshua Graham

Thank you so much for this kind review of DARKROOM, which is available for Kindle
and Barnes & Noble/Nook

You might be interested in a short blog post I recently did regarding some inspiration for this book: Here

If you'd like free sample chapters, please come to my facebook page: http://on.fb.me/joshpage

I'd love to hear from everyone, so please feel free to reach out to me on facebook, my blog, or twitter: @j0shuaGraham

Barbara Felts (www.moonlightart.net)

I read Beyond Justice and it was GREAT..now it's time to read this one :) ~Barbara

Jessica L Buike (AuthorJess and Operation Relax)

Gosh I love a good review! :) Just wanted to let you know that I posted a link to this post on my blog today: http://authorjess.blogspot.com/2012/05/whats-up-wednesday-playing-blog-catch.html

Have a great Wednesday!

Momma Bear

Sounds very intriguing! Hmm!! (runs off to Amazon)


Thanks for the extra info., Josh. And for your compliment. Everyone, please click on Josh's website as listed in the body of the review where you can find the links he mentions. I don't think the ones he lists in comments will take you directly there.

Goodness, Jessica and Momma Bear...I'm overwhelmed. I review so others will read and enjoy. Thanks for spreading the news.

Joshua Graham

Thanks everyone! Did you know that there are a set of book club discussion questions at the end of the book, which I wrote?

I'd love to know your thoughts on these topics, so please feel free to contact me via facebook or my website!

Thanks again, Deb!


This looks like an excellent story.
Mike Draper


I read Beyond Justice by this author and it was fabulous and I would love to win this book.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

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