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Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Brave" Disney/Pixar Movie~Is It Feminist Enough?

Gorgeous artwork, as always!  I'm so excited to see this latest in the Disney/Pixar family of pictures for children (and their adult children).
Telling the story of a daring and beautiful Scottish princess, this one reminds me of the old legend of Atalanta whose
father wanted her to marry the strongest fighter
in the land, but who bested them at archery and refused to marry!

The question has been brought up about whether this time
Disney has missed or made its mark...
Has it done the wonderful by creating a film, finally, about strong, independent young girls; or, has it only made them
partial heroines who want to be "just like Dad," and
eventually come home to a handsome prince,
home and hearth in the end?

Well, let me pose the question...what's wrong with having it all?

Early feminists wanted it all.  I still want it all.  And, I suspect most of my friends do, too.  What's not to love about being able to best a boy/man at a sport or a game of business?  What's not to be proud of when you rank at the top of the class...or pass the bar #1 ?
What's  not to be proud of when you're able to give birth
to the most beautiful babies on earth, run a household, and be a famous writer like Nina Benneton?

I see no big problem with "Brave" if that's how the story is going to be told.

I also see no problem if it's told from the perspective of a young girl-woman who is brave and strong and who meets a young boy-man who is also brave and strong.  And who both tackle a villain or foe together. (I'm not sure this is what happens at all...)
Don't we, most of us, ban together in some way to fight significant battles?
Even in Disney/Pixar movies with male central figures, often female counterparts help win the day. 

As a modern-day feminist who isn't a hard-shell one, I have to say that I'm delighted that Disney/Pixar has chosen to give us this little heroine.  Feisty, fiery, independent and strong...she just might show little girls it's okay in every way to be themselves if "themselves" is to step out of the
traditional princess role.  We don't all have to faint at the feet of
the handsome prince to win his love.  We can also fight beside him.

And, if this little Scottish firebrand was cursed by a witch for her streak of independence and defiance, she certainly met the challenge!  Young women for ages have been similarly "cursed" and look how far we've come. 
"Can't touch this..."  LOL

I'm looking forward to seeing and cheering for "Brave."

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Deborah Batterman

The artwork is gorgeous, and, like you, I'll be curious to see the Disney/Pixar take on this 'Scottish firebrand,' I do admit to a sentimental attachment to the Disney princess movies since I saw just about all of them with my daughter. I may just have to fly to L.A. when this one comes out (not that I need an excuse to visit her).

Candy @ So little time...

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie! I think I'm going to love this character!


You know, you two, I already love the charater! I have a red streak in my hair, as well. And my daughter does, too! ;] We'll have to meet back here and chat after we see Brave.

Sophie Perinot

My elementary-aged son has two (significatnly) older sisters who are gingers -- so he was drawn immediately to the previews for this film. He knows strong redheads first hand and that they don't need rescuing. But that doesn't mean they don't need a love interest.

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