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Thursday, April 12, 2012

"The Wedding Dress" by Rachel Hauck~Beautiful Story All Around...

Come inside...fall into this gentle book with characters who will steal your heart from the very beginning chapters.  What a powerful idea for a story!
This is a novel conceived and delivered with faith,  love and a mystery
evoking a lovely wedding dress
used by brides over the course of a century.
Just a heartfelt novel that confirms that
true love can change everything.

The Story in Summary :
One dress. Four women. An amazing destiny.
Charlotte Malone is getting married. Yet all is not settled in the heart of Birmingham's chic bridal boutique owner. Charlotte can dress any bride to perfection-except herself. When she discovers a vintage mint-condition wedding gown in a battered old trunk, Charlotte embarks on a passionate journey to discover the women who wore the gown before her.
Emily in 1912. Mary in 1939. And Hillary in 1968. Each woman teaches Charlotte something about love in her own unique way. Woven within the threads of the beautiful hundred-year-old gown is the truth about Charlotte's heritage, the power of faith, and the beauty of finding true love.
Here's a bit about Ms Hauck:

Rachel Hauck is the bestselling author of Carol Award winner Sweet Caroline, and RITA Finalist Love Starts With Elle, and of the critically acclaimed fiction collaboration with multi-platinum country artist Sara Evans, The Songbird Novels.
She lives in sunny, though sometimes hurricane plagued, central Florida with her husband and their ornery pets.

Visit http://www.rachelhauck.com for more about Rachel and her books.
She earned a degree in Journalism form Ohio State University and is a huge Buckeyes football fan. She is the past President of American Christian Fiction Writers and now sits on the board as an Advisor. Visit her web site at www.rachelhauck.com to reader her blog, and to follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

The Dame's Review :
In "The Wedding Dress" Rachel Hauck uses her considerable writing experience to take us on a journey capturing the essence of how eternal love finds its way into the heart of four very special women from different spans of time, and how a wedding dress connects them all. It's a story that I didn't expect to be so captured by when I first agreed to review the book. And, it's a novel that so touched my heart that I was reluctant to put it down for two days during the course of reading it between writing and dealing with household chores. "The Wedding Dress" is a very moving and spiritual story that reminded me of how and why I first found true love and have kept it treasured in my heart.
Painted with a look at how and why both women and men are called in an irresistible and plain path toward each other, Rachel Hauck has built her honest and insightful story on a central theme. Her main characters, primarily Charlotte of contemporary times and Emily of 1912, with similar struggles, search their hearts about what God would have them do in resolving loving relationships and finding a life partner. Slipping seamlessly between these two women and then learning of Mary Grace from 1939 and Hillary from 1968's stories, we read about promises and how love makes everything possible.
Charlotte's search, precipitated by her purchase of a strange old trunk that holds a a wedding dress and dog tags within a sachet, leads her to resolving mysteries about herself and the women who wore a wedding dress preserved within it. It's through this old, dilapidated trunk that's been welded shut, and the wedding dress that we discover things over time when Charlotte does.
Mystery, romance, a spiritual journey~a story of faith and hope, "The Wedding Dress" is a heart-warming and satisfying novel in the oldest traditions. It's a refreshing story, a respite from the heaviness of books about murder, vampires and strangeness.  I recommend it...a cool drink of lemonade for a spring or summer weekend. It won't disappoint you. Rachel Hauck is a seasoned and wonderful storyteller.
3.5 stars for an especially good read!

More Interesting Insights Into Rachel Hauck


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Oh, I WANT THIS BOOK. This is the first I've heard of it (man, I wish I could have gotten in on the tour!), but everything about it sounds like it will be ALL THE THINGS for me. I've requested that my library purchase it (no budget right now, or I'd buy it myself), so hopefully I will have my hands on a copy soon.

Thank you for the exposure to what could very well end up being a new favorite!!


I really thought it was dreamy, Ems. I think you'll like it very much! Deb


Oh, I think I'll love this one!!!!! Thanks Deb for introducing me to it! I love your blog so much. I look forward to your reviews!

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