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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Noted Giveaways: "Equity of Evil" and "Her Frozen Wild" ~ Ends April 30th

Giveaway for this book is open until Monday, April 30th!   The current news on "Equity of Evil" is that it's being picked up by The New York Times and other major publishing papers for review, options are coming in from Hollywood, and other interesting things are starting to happen!  You don't want to be the last one to read this exciting medical thriller which is the first in a trilogy!  See my review this past week along with a review of Rudy Mazzocchi to find out
the details of his controversial book.  It's a shocker and a thriller.

And the second book in our Giveaway "Her Frozen Wild" also runs until April 30th.  Also a book with a thriller of a story, this wild and mysterious book takes us on a mystical trip to the frozen regions of Siberia to discover the secrets of a shaman/princess preserved in ice and covered with unusual tattoos that seemingly link her to animal totems, as well as to a woman archaeologist who went there on an expedition.
We learn about the secrets this mummified shaman woman holds as she's linked to a modern day young woman archaeologist who has a direct connection to her through her midna!


Ends on  April 30th


One Book Each

1)  Please state your preference of book
(these are available in ebook format)

2)  Please follow me on GFC on the sidebar

3)  or follow me on Network Blogs

(just let me know your following name either way!)

4)  Please don't forget to leave your email!!!  I cannot count your entry if you do not leave your email since I can't contact you without it

Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!





Oh Deb, I'll let you pick for me if I win. I love your taste! I am a GFC follower under the name Chrissy Peebles. My e-mail address is alexandchrissy(at)yahoo(dot)com. This book looks fantastic!!!!


Sorry I missed the deadline. You're right, Deb, "Equity of Evil" sounds like a winner.

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