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Monday, April 2, 2012

May The Mail Be Ever In Your Favor! As It Was In Mine This Past 2 Weeks :]

In the last two weeks, the Spring breezes have been in my favor, and my postman has been lugging boxes to my door!
I'm so thrilled and banked with books!! 
This, however, may mean I won't be up for air for a while. :P

Stash One, above....

This is my second haul....so psyched!

Mixtures here of things I've received and ferreted out, and purchased on my own.

I am so happy to have received a wonderful bunch of new ARCs from Bloomsbury:  Can't wait to read these!

The Sweetness of Salt         by Cecilia Galante
Little Women and Me         by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Dead Reckoning                  by Mercedes Lackey and Rosemary Edghill

Something Like Normal    by Trish Doller
Violins of Autumn               by Amy McAulay
The Unquiet                         by Jeannine  Garsee

Ripper        by Amy Carol Reeves     *Been looking forward to reading this one for a long time!

The 500     by Matthew Quirk           *ARC from Regan Arthur ~ Great DC thriller!

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No          *Review request from author psychiatrist Jack V. Hattem

2nd stash:
Roanoke                           by  Margaret Lawrence       *purchased at Library sale

The Devil's Queen                                                           *purchased at Library sale

The Weird Sisters                      *Barnes & Noble buy
Jane Vows Vengence (Austen mash up!)   *Barnes & Noble gift certif. buy

Revived    by  Cat Patrick    *Little, Brown & Co., ARC
The Drowned Cities  by  Paolo Bacigalupi   *Little, Brown & Co., ARC
Alpha    by  Greg Rucka    *Mulholland Books, ARC
Guilt by Degrees  by  Marcia Clark   *Mulholland Books, ARC

Pure    by  Juliana Baggott     *Requested for review! YA
The Innocents      by  Francesca Segal   *ARC for review

Last Will                 by  Lisa Marklund         *Requested for review ~Scandanavian thriller writer!
Fatal Induction     by  Bernadette Pajer     *Poisoned Pen  ARC
I Hunt Killers         by  Barry Lyga               *Review request

While I'm At It:  Netgalley Reads~

The Last Romanov
Love Fiercely
Sophie and the Rising Sun Enchantments
Unruly Passions
Dying to Know You

So, now you know all the bookish secrets I'm harboring...or do you?

Deborah/TheBookishDame    (Then again, what's a dame without her secrets? :]  )



You will be busy for a while!


WOW, that is quite a haul, and I guess we know what you will be doing for a while. Happy Reading!

Sophia Rose

Oh, I am drooling here. (-;

Enjoy your reading!

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