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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Week In Book Buying ~ Or~ What's Now in My Stacks

I didn't spend half this week in one book store or another, but I did spend most of the time there! I just felt I needed a refreshing of the stacks.  Just some books I had to have right now... Please, don't frown...
Seriously couldn't wait to get my hands on this one.  A woman with
chronic amnesia after an injury
 whose husband tells her who she is and
that she loves him.  She finds a note in her
diary to herself not to trust him...
OMGosh, I would be so freaked!
I was nothing short of sickened when I found out
that I hadn't received an early review copy
of my very favorite author's new book!
Joshilyn Jackson is a writer I live to read.
Simple as that.
Any words that come from her are like delicious green apples.
Note the cover of this book.
Had to own this newest in the dystopian
YA fiction variety for my library.
I'm actually in the middle of the ebook and it's a
not-to-be-missed read.
Cool  cover...lots of pages.
What's a year's read without Jodi?
I wait patiently for her next book wondering
if it's going to be controversial.
It nearly always is.
I love to be in the thick of things, gettin' down & dirty with Jodi. LOL
This one is starting out really well!
Okay.  Here's a "caught you with the cover" book,
and a "caught you with Meg Cabot" book, at the same time.
I've heard a good deal about Ms Cabot in YA circles,
and thought I would try her out with this one.
It's had such mixed reviews...
have to see what I think.
A "pollster" at the sidebar requested a review! Yay!!
I'll let you know!  vv
I loved Amy Hatvany's "Outside the Lines"
which I reviewed last month.
This one deals with a divorced mother who drinks
so much she leaves her small son alone one
night while she runs to the
liquor store...Her ex-husband comes by
and finds him there alone, and her subsequently drunk.
Amy Hatvany is a chillingly frank writer who can move you to serious tears.
Had to have this paperback.

Have you been waiting like I've been waiting for this one?
I had to have it.  Enough said.
These books found their way to my house somehow, as well:
Reviews coming soon ~

"The Orchid House" by Lucinda Riley
"Shatter" by Michael Robotham
"A Promise of Safekeeping" by Lisa Dale
"Replication: The Jason Experiment" by Jill Williamson
"Invisible Boy" by Cornelia Read
"The Anatomist's Apprentice" by Tessa Harris
"The Jasmine Trade" by Denise Hamilton
"Lifeboat" by Charlotte Rogan
"The Book of Madness and Cures" by Regina O'Melveny
"Gone with a Handsomer Man" by Michael Lee West

So, what did you find at the bookstore this past week?   Any comments on these books?  I'm dying to know if you've read any of them, yet.




It's just not fair!~ I LOVE all the books that you picked. THe only one that I may put back is the Dystopian one. I saw the new Joshilyn Jackson book out too.. I put it back last week during a rational moment, but may not this week! :) Great picks!


I can't wait to read Before I go to Sleep! Looks so creepy!


Great list of books! You will love A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty! I'll be reading Lone Wolf soon for an author event here.

Deborah Batterman

Well my list includes 'You Are My Only' (based on your recommendation); 'Running the Rift, by Naomi Benaron; and 'The Hunger Games' (which my daughter -- and everyone else who has read it -- insists I must read, too).


Great list to start with, Deb! Now I have to go find "Running the Rift." Once you start "Hunger Games" you're in for the series... :] See you at the movies!

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