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Thursday, March 29, 2012

GIVEAWAY!!! "The Sister Queens" by Sophie Perinot~Eleanor of England & Marguerite of France

Two sisters from a glamorous political dynasty, two major kingdoms who desire them, and two kings with  different personalities.  These sisters start out with a close bond that seems unbreakable, and they will learn life's struggles to keep what's most important to them.

Published by:  NAL/Penguin
Pages:  498
Plus: Book Group Questions for Discussion
Find out more:  http://sophieperinot.com

"The Sister Queens"  Like most sisters, Marguerite and Eleanor were rivals.  They were also queens. Raised at the court of their father, Raymond Berenger, Count of Provence, Marguerite and Eleanor are separated by royal marriages--but never truly parted.
Patient, perfect, and used to being first, Marguerite becomes Queen of France. But Louis IX is a religious zealot who denies himself the love and companionship his wife craves. Can she borrow enough of her sister's boldness to grasp her chance for happiness in a forbidden love?
Passionate, strong-willed, and stubborn, Eleanor becomes Queen of England. Henry III is a good man, but not a good king. Can Eleanor stop competing with her sister and value what she has, or will she let it slip away?
The Sister Queens is historical fiction at its most compelling, and is an unforgettable first novel.

Sophie Perinot photo Sophie Perinot is a graduate of law school who decided to use her talents instead as an author of historical fiction.  She is a mother and wife, as well as a writer.  Growing up within a family of historians, she learned early to love history, and developed a special attachment to all things French.  You can find out more about her by visiting her very interesting website as linked above.  Sophie's sister played a supportive part in her writing "The Sister Queens."

The Dame's Review :
Right off the top, let me say I really liked this book. It's a fully engaging and thoroughly believable novel.  I was swept up in the stories and interactions of the sisters of the renowned Savoy family, Marguerite and Eleanor, from the first moments of introduction.  Their very different personalities are richly developed, and while they are different in temperament and life challenges, they are both so intriguing and lovable it's difficult to call one a favorite over the other.  I absorbed this book as if it were a story about Diana, Princess of Wales, and Katherine of England.  It's that enjoyable to read.  Before I knew it, I was half way through the novel!

Sophie Perinot is a solid writer with a good grasp of characterization.  Her two sisters, as well as their two kings, the wicked mother-in-law ~ White Queen Blanche of Castille, and the sisters' children are so magnificently drawn.  I could absolutely see them alive and feel their hearts' emotions and motivations.  Beautifully written.  Dialog was also appeared to be effortlessly rendered; it flowed and felt so natural.  The intimate communications between characters were meaningful and telling.

I've read many a historical novel, some about each of these queens and their families, so I don't think it's any small task to have compiled this book, joining both dynasties in what reads with such elegance and ease.  The book flows with intelligence and clarity.  I found that one of the most refreshing things about it.  I didn't have to be a scholar to understand the political "cookings" behind the thrones!  Thank God, Ms Perinot distilled that down for me!

This is a romantic and absorbing historical fiction, one I found myself virtually flowing through effortlessly.  It's a good read about two admirable women who birthed the foundations of world empires, and set the tones of historical manners and elegance for generations.  Their life-long devotion to each other was poignant and an example that united their countries in heart and blood for generations.

I loved the novel, and pass it on to you with a high recommendation.

4 stars

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I would love to read this one. I've been reading all the reviews.

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I love your giveaways! This book sounds amazing. :-D

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I've heard so many good things about this book it's already on my TRL.Thanks for your review. I would love to read the Sister Queens.
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