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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Secret Confessions, New Books and Odd Things

A stack of new books which looked so much better on my camera than on this page--

The Bookish Dame is the very happy recipient of many ARCs and author's copies of books, so I'm spoiled in some ways, not often having to actually leave the house to purchase too many books.

Most often, if I want a book in hard copy for my library, I'll just order online and have it dropped right on my doorstep.  Convenient and cool.

Once in a while, though, I like to get out and shop for some of the newest books and first editions for my library. That's when I really have those "bookathon" long afternoons at the bookstore.  My arms ache with books, my eyes get blurry, my feet hurt and my stomach gnaws from lack of sustenance. I go in at about noon fueled on toast and tea, and don't show my biopic face again until closing time (10 PM).  In my town, there aren't too many who act like I do... :]   Eccentric, anyone?

All of the above works for me because I'm a bibliophile who's much of a recluse, anyway.  I do entertain company...  :]   If you're a reader, all's the better!  If you aren't, you may have some difficulty dodging my book stacks or seeing me over them.  Interior design:  Early English Professor/Dumbledore--messy--colorful--everything at arms reach...antiques and collectibles..a plethora of glasses 275 strength.

This past week, I had to get my own copy of:
I think we all know where this book is headed, don't we?
It's time to get your First Edition copy, you libraria aficionados!

Andrea Cremer's books are YA collectibles, in case any of you were wondering.  Also, I believe she has been optioned for movies.
First Editions are out now for this final episode in her trilogy, and the odd copy of her last book in hard copy is still out there.

"Switched: A Trylle Novel" #1 in the series
is about a girl whose mother decided when she was 6 yrs. old that she was a monster, and tried to kill her. LOL
Okay...what better way to start a trilogy that YAs will love!
The other rapidly following books:
"Torn" and "Ascend" feature just as gorgeous covers.
I thought I should be reading this book asap.
"Stolen Away" is Ms Harvey's newest book which
will entertain us with faery folk and their wicked ways. I sense another series here.
Released next week
To read an Alyxandra Harvey book is
 to enjoy like a great cup of latte. Yummy...
Historical Fiction: 15th century Spain...the Spanish Inquisition...Queen Isabella...Christopher Columbus, and a beautiful Jewish woman who helps the King's chancellor.
Beautiful, deckled-edged paperback, too!
"Jason Crow is a mix of Ironsides and James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux. Plenty of twists and turns along with an electrifying ending."
I was in the mood for some Southern murder mystery hard core!  This protagonist is an amputee who's looking for his dad's killer.
Deadly serial killer preys on children and single mothers looking for his "perfect" little family.  Strong woman crime scene investigator!  I love these type of novels...woman beats psycho killer at his own game, hopefully!

Some YA authors may think they're the first to come out with fairytale retellings...but, no!  Romance novelist, and award winner Eloisa James has beaten them to it with her fantastic and fun series of fairytale romances....   Have to have these just for the fun of it!  Little chocolate kisses for bedside decorations...  These are my secret confession books!
A young widow of Alabama trying to survive the (Damned Yankee!)Reconstructionists after the War...those scalawags!  Soon to be released.  I can say all this because I'm a Boston girl with roots in the South.  :]

Now~Not Shown In My Book Stack Above:
But purchased today...
If a book has these authors' names on its cover
I don't need to know anything else.  Do you?

"Rivals Anne Rice, Diana Gabaldon, Marion Zimmer Bradley
 and Elizabeth Kostova"  Really?
Get out of my way! 
This one got past me this past year, but I'm on it now...

What I'm reading just as soon as I post this feature.  I've been trying to read all of Kristen's book in this series. Shockingly good!

So, what are you reading or buying these days?  And, what do you know about the books I've just bought?
Better yet....What are your secret confession books??




These look like great choices. The only one I have read is A Discovery of Witches, which was good. I hope you enjoy each and every book and can we look forward to a review, perhaps?


I'm really excited about The Rebel Wife - I hope it's a winner!


Reviews coming, ladies! I have lots of reading to do this year... :] Thank you for commenting!

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