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Friday, December 23, 2011

"The Hunger Games" Let Them Begin! Taylor Swift's New Song~"Safe and Sound"

It's nearly here, and I, for one can hardly wait to see the movie.  I've been spending my anxiety-time at the movies this
past week where I saw the new Sherlock Holmes and
Breaking Dawn.
More on those another time...

I saw the Hunger Games previews a couple of times, and with
how swiftly those pass, I wasn't able to
get a realistic fix on how I might
feel about the movie.
I do know that the cast left me a bit cold on first appearance.
That could be because I've not kept up with
the whole process.
I just featured them in different skins!
I do love Lenny Kravitz (sp?), however. :]

The other thing I love is this new song for the movie by
Taylor Swift who is one of my
favorite young singers.

Here it is for you courtesy of Taylor and YouTube:




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