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Monday, December 19, 2011

"Christmas at Pemberley~A Pride & Prejudice Christmas Sequel" by Regina Jeffers

Published by:  Ulysses Press
Pages: 350 with Afterward
Genre:  Fiction/Regency Romance


Very quick Summary:
Darcy has invited the Bennets and the Bingleys to spend the Christmastide’s festive days at Pemberley. But as he and Elizabeth journey to their estate to join the gathered families, a blizzard blankets the English countryside. The Darcys find themselves stranded at a small inn while Pemberley is inundated with refugees seeking shelter from the storm.

Without her brother’s strong presence, Georgiana Darcy tries desperately to manage the chaos surrounding the arrival of six invited guests and eleven unscheduled visitors.

But bitter feuds, old jealousies and intimate secrets quickly rise to the surface. Has Lady Catherine returned to Pemberley for forgiveness or revenge? Will the manipulative Caroline Bingley find a soul mate? Shall Kitty Bennet and Georgiana know happiness?

Written in Regency style and including Austen’s romantic entanglements and sardonic humor, Christmas at Pemberley places Jane Austen’s most beloved characters in an exciting yuletide story that speaks to the love, the family spirit and the generosity that remain as the heart of Christmas.

Pemberley from the Dame's Perspective :

I only wish I had 10 more days of Christmas and 10 more books written by Regina Jeffers about the Darcys and clan to fill them! This is my very favorite of the Christmas books I've read for review this year.  And, I'm so happy to bring it to your attention just in time for your Christmas rush!

If there is ever a time to get one more book for yourself in that "one for her/him~and one for me" pile;  this is the ONE!

Jane Austen would love Regina Jeffers's perfectly Pemberley story that unites not only Elizabeth and Darcy in further intimacy around their soon-to-be first child, but also begins to be-ribbon some family relationships that have kept us aching for more closure.

Regina is the reigning queen (name is rightfully hers) of the sequels to Miss Austen's books, in my humble opinion.  She takes care to keep her characters in perfect unity with Jane's intentions, it seems to me. This makes the books all the more close to authentic in nature, and all the more desirable for Austen aficionados. 

I lost myself in this wintry novel as it danced among the characters and their longings for connections of heart, purpose and mind.  Jane Austen's books are of this quality; not just fluff, but of the substance of true life and its mysteries, if a reader will take a moment to look beyond the surface, as Lizzy would have us do.

The story of a coming home to Pemberley at Christmastime brought me such pleasure this weekend as I put the last trimmings and touches on our holiday.  While I went to church, heard the last of the pre-Christmas sermons and remembered things from past holidays with husbands (yes, there have been a couple--I was widowed very young) and children; "A Christmas at Pemberley..."  lifted my heart even more. 

This is a beautifully, thoughtfully written book.  Perfectly in keeping with Miss Austen's tone of characters.  A positively on-target treat for Darcy and Lizzy fans. If we can't have Jane, at least we have Ms Jeffers!  Thank God!

A Christmas in Regency style that is up-lifting, heartwarming and centered on the things that matter most in life:  Love and Family.

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Regina Jeffers

Deborah, my friend Abigail Reynolds directed me to your review of "Christmas at Pemberley." I am profoundly honored by your praise. Thank you for your kind words.


I haven't heard of this before but I do quite like Pride And Prejudice I'll definately have to check it out, great review and great blog I'm a new follower



Dear Regina, I'm so humbled by your comments. I loved "Christmas..."

Sarah, thank you! I appreciate the compliments and the follow! I'm off to see your blog, too...


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