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Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Witchie Wonderflly Wicked Read-A-Thon this Weekend!

So, I'm once again over-reaching in my reading to join this fabulous weekend read-a-thon. I needed a boost in the bokie to get through some of the best books I've chosen to read for Halloween, anyway, and this is the perfect way to get me going.

Such a great group of blogging friends listed on the "linky" with this Wonderfully Wicked reading extravaganza. So, you may want to go there and find some new bloggers to visit at My Shelf Confessions , as well as finding all the information about joining the Read-a-thon.

So, here's my list of books for starters today:

Let the games begin! I'm working against myself so I better get crackin'...literally! By the way, I have a little companion helping me today: the darling doll of the living dead Miss Claret. I have to be careful, she loves to bite necks. :]



I hope you're having fun!

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