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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friends and Followers~Quick Note from the Dame

I'm so freakin' frustrated because many times I visit your blogs and try to comment only to be infuriated because my comments won't go through.  I can't seem to get them to post with Google or any other way!!  Urrr...  I try and get so mad. My computer is just screwd up, and I can't figure out how!!

This is just to tell you so you won't think I don't try to get back to you.   Today, I tried to leave messages with Capricious Reader, Sabrina at Thinking About Loud, and Bermudaonion

I tried but I'm not sure I posted my new followers:  Bri Clark of The Belle of Boise, and Darlene's Peeking Between the Pages , as well as Alison's Can Read.com

New followers:
Thank you for following me and letting me know you care. 

And, oldie and goodie bloggish reveiwers, I am really stopping by...I just can't post!!

I'm thinking I may just have to give recognition in this format, and it may be for the best, anyway.

Thanks for listening.  

Hugs to all,

Deborah/Your Infuriated, but still Bookish Dame 


Jennifer | Mrs Q Book Addict

A the beginning of the year I so many issues with my blog. I would get emails daily that people couldn't post on my blog. I eventually gave up, and moved my blog to blogger. It's been great...*fingers crossed*

I hope your computer issues get fixed.


How frustrating! Thanks for visiting my blog!


I'm so glad you've been visiting my blog. I have gotten a few of your comments. I signed up for email updates from you so I'll be visiting more often. I have a question regarding comments, do you use Internet Explorer? I had so many problems like that until I started using Firefox instead. Anyhow I hope you won't stop visiting! I know how frustrating it can be when the blogs are giving you trouble.

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