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Monday, October 24, 2011

Anne Rice~A Retrospective and Hope for "The Wolf's Gift" coming in February 2012

A Visual Anne Rice Expose~She's An American Icon

As she appears today

Her primary home in The Garden District of New Orleans prior to her move to CA
It's become a major attraction to fans
Ms Rice hosts Halloween parties

Rose patterned iron gate entrance to her mansion  in New Orleans
It's been hinted that this house was the model for many of her books including "The Witching Hour"

Ms Rice in contemplation:  She collects antique dolls and loves french interior design
She also has a bent toward the gothic
See one of her doll cabinets to her side...

Dolls:  These play a part in "Claudia's" life as well as Anne Rice's
Do the faces remind you of hers?

"Claudia" the child vampire turned by Louis in "The Vampire Lestat" to his eternal regret.  She loved dolls and was angry to forever be a child...  Ms Rice lost her only daughter to lukemia when she was a very little girl.
Kirsten Dunst
The dazzling boys of "The Vampire Lestat"
Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt was a gorgeous, perfectly realized Louis and stole the show from Cruise

Tom Cruise did not exemplify Lestat.  It was well known that Anne Rice was disappointed with the casting, but was turned around by the "powers that be" about Cruise.  She saw Lestat as more a...Viggo Mortensen type.  So do I!!  Tom Cruise neither had the body nor the attitude right to play Lestat and it spoiled the movie for fans which made the box office a failure, though it remains a cult movie today

Some of her famous books to date, though I think some of her Mayfair Witch series are the best of her writing, as well.
She bought an old convent in New Orleans, restored it and then began to collect and restore old saint statuary.  Here are some of her favorites I suppose, probably in her home collection.

The wise and wonderful Anne Rice

Her display of dolls and furnishings for them.  Nearly alive...

Early picture of Anne Rice when her Vampire series was at its peak of popularity

Caricature of Rice as a Medieval saint? Probably in reference to recent novels about angels and Christ, but could be a fall-back on her collections of saints, as well.

The return to her roots of Christianity through the Catholic church prompted her to write the books on the life of Jesus as a human-being

Just one of her recent novels having to do with seraphim

Current News and The Dame's Take:

I'm so delighted to hear that Anne's going to be coming out with a new book called "The Wolf's Gift" in which she prospectively returns to her previous style of writing when giving us the Lestat and Witches volumes. Those of us who first fell in love with her through those books will be knocking down doors to get this one, and hoping to see more in a series, I'll bet.

One of the many things drawing my age group, and those who immediately come after; that is particularly those of us in the 1950's, and '60's is that we grew up watching Saturday morning scary movies...Dracula, The Mummy, Frankenstein, and more. Most of the ones I watched and preferred were about vampires because they were the ones with the beautiful girls in them. That's where my passion for vampires began, then, as a teen-ager after school I came home and watched "Dark Shadows" with Barnabe Collins and the troupe. Although Barnabe wasn't the most handsome of all vampires, he was the man who got the beautiful women, once again. As I got to college (and before, actually) I read "Dracula" by Bram Stoker. And, you can see where this is going. As a tired and isolated young mom, there was Anne Rice with Lestat and Louis. Ms Rice has filled in all the gaps for me for years!

Here's the latest on her; not vampires, perhaps, but we can hope there are some mixed in:

"With her next novel “The Wolf Gift” scheduled for publication on February 14, 2012, one can only imagine the fantastic places that her readers will be transported to and the descriptive surroundings that will, only, add to the mythology of her latest character.

Perhaps, the character will be bitten in the rain forests of Brazil or that‘s where he‘ll search for a cure? Or, maybe this new character will live in the desert of California (where Anne now calls home) or have a connection to San Francisco (a recent destination of Anne’s and the place where she, and her husband, Stan, once called home for a while)?

Only time and the pages of “The Wolf Gift” will tell. But, one thing is certain; as long as Anne Rice continues to write, she will continue to travel to all those places we wish we could go and take us all with her every step of the way.

Continue reading on Examiner.com Anne Rice: On the Road - National Anne Rice | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/anne-rice-in-national/anne-rice-on-the-road#comments#ixzz1bPr9UMSu

Good luck and good reading with Anne Rice.  You can catch up by searching under her name on Amazon.com.



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