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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"The Oracle of Stamboul" ~ New Release in Paperback

Published by: Harper Collins
Pages: 400ish

Book Summary:

Raised by a carpet merchant father and resentful stepmother after a prophesied birth, Eleonora is recognized as a prodigy before stowing away to Stamboul, where she charms the eccentric Sultan Abdulhamid II and changes the course of history.

The Dames Note:

Exotic and absorbing, this book is an affordable treasure as a new paperback. The author writes well and the story is one that takes us out of the ruts we love to inhabit these days...you know exactly what I mean about "ruts" in reading!

In the 1800s, Victorian era if I recall correctly, it became popular for adventurers to go to exotic lands (mostly middle eastern) and to then write travel journal-type books. I used to collect them. So timewarping to read! "The Oracle of Stamboul" drew my attention in the same vein as these old books even though it's a novel. I believe Penguin issued the travel journals, and may still have them.

Try a trip to the scents, luxuries and mysteries of Stamboul... And, while you're there, enjoy the story of a young woman poised to win the attentions of a Sultan.




This one has caught my attention recently due to all the glowing reviews. Eleonora sounds like a very interesting character.

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