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Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Entralled: Paranormal Diversions" Anthology of 16 "Smart Chicks Kick It Tour" Authors like Melissa Marr!

Published by:  Harper Collins
Pages:  443 
Purchase price:  $9.99/ Nook & Kindle ebooks less
Contributors:  16 authors of the genre
Edited by:  Melissa Marr and Kelley Armstrong

Kirkus Review :

A solid collection of stories that prove that all any supernatural creature wants to do is date or eat teenage protagonists.
These short stories are loosely connected by a very openly interpreted journey motif.Psychics, genies, angels and gargoyles join fairies and vampires to terrorize and romance their fellow characters. The diversity in authors allows for the sometimes-neglected horror implied in paranormal stories to be spotlighted, as in Carrie Ryan's zombie thriller, "Scenic Route," and Jennifer Lynn Barnes's "The Third Kind," about sisters with unavoidable compulsions. Many of the authors base their stories in the existing worlds of their other novels—luckily, most of these standalones work, though not all shake off that teaser taste. Sarah Rees Brennan's "Let's Get This Undead Show on the Road" follows a vampire in a boy-band and stands out with its perfect blend of snark and sincerity. It's followed in a one-two punch by Jeri Smith-Ready's intense and earnest "Bridge." While not every story's as strong as those (some are downright forgettable), in a buffet of so many flavors readers can always skip to the next story with a good chance of finding something more to their liking.
This collection is ideal as a sampler tray for paranormal readers looking to pick up new authors to follow or to further explore the fictional worlds they already know.

Just in case you were wondering who Melissa Marr is!   

The Dame's Take :

Please click on the link for "Enthralled" on my side bar to get a very comprehensive look at this captivating new book.  Then, please come back to me!

This is a charmingly packaged anthology published by Harper Collins.  Whom, it must be said, is just outstanding in its choices of YA literature and authors.  Harper consistently publishes books of the highest quality and content, so with their novels you can almost guarantee a good read.  The cover of this (and most of Harper's books) is wonderful and appropriate for the content.  What I like about it is the nod to the sophistication of the young adult reader.  There's no scared little girl looking out at us here!

I've perused the book like a bandit.  Absolutely love the feel of paper they've used which reminds me of the old (maybe still used) paper of the short story mystery anthologies I used to get, small packaged as magazines.  Somehow, it makes me feel like this is a secret book I can hide and read in bed like a Halloween precursor; which it is in fact. Just love it for my bedside table this Fall.

After having read a couple of stories, my favorite is "Gargouille" by Mary E. Pearson.  I wasn't familiar with Ms Pearson's books or writing, so decided to try her story for that reason alone.  This is a wonderful story!  I enjoyed it from the first sentence.  Mary's descriptions are fascinating and made me smile with the anticipation I've always had when reading a fairytale.  I love her French names and hinted connections in the story.  Great writing and a really good short story.  This one makes me certain I'll be going out to find one of her novels to read very soon.

Here's one of her trailers:
"Miles Between" by Mary E. Pearson

Latest Book:  "The Adoration of Jenna Fox"
Available on Audio, as well.

The Dame is giving this darling Anthology "Entralled" an entralling 5 stars!

A must be on your shopping list for this Halloween.



Jennifer | Mrs Q Book Addict

I agree, Harper has great YA titles. I really want to read this one.

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