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Saturday, June 18, 2011

L.A. BANKS ~ Author Beloved By Many Seriously ILL

Sadly, it has come to my attention that the beloved author Ms L. A. Banks is gravely ill with cancer, and is need of financial assistance to meet her hospital expenses.  Having written many a best selling book series in the paranomal and suspense genre, Ms Banks is a favorite of a great crowd of my readers and readers worldwide.

Please go to either the Leslie E. Banks website as seen above on her banner to learn more about her situation and how you can be of help; or, you can find another way to assist by going to:  http://www.caridad.com/blog
Caridad Pineiro, the NY Times Best Selling author of such novels as "The Calling" her vampire series (http://inthcallingnovels.com/ ) and other paranormal romance novels, is a dear friend of Ms Banks and has details of an Ebay fundraiser for her.

The Bookish Libiria joins the hundreds of L. A. Banks fans in prayers for her well-being and for her comfort in these dire times.  God bless you and yours, dear Leslie...

*If you would like to discuss this situation, please leave comments for me.



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