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Monday, November 1, 2010

Snakewoman~~ Bet you thought you'd never find out about one!!!

"Snakewoman of Little Egypt," is an intelligent, witty, engaging and oddly twisted tale of love, adventure, education and life's defining moments.  It's a book written with no apologies for it's use of vocabulary and substance, and I love it for that alone, if nothing else!

Let me depart for a moment just to comment that so much of today's popular literature is "dumbed down" and lacking the intellectual element we need to reach for in our continuing walk toward self-improvement. So often authors tell a great tale, but either lack sophistication themselves, or think they need to leave out intellectual "meat" to keep their fan base.  I not only enjoyed this story and the substance of "Snakewoman...," but I actually learned something in the bargain.  All that being a great value to me! I treasure the book, the experience and the education.

Flawless in it's writing and character development, this book brings us immediately into the singular lives of its main characters: Jackson, an anthropologist with Lyme Disease; and Willa Fern/Sunny, a convict who shot her snakehandling husband.  There are anthropologists, pentacostals, professors, killers, students and spritualists, African tribes and adventures, all in this fantastic mix of fun and amazing story!

I'm not saying I've finished it, because I'm just pacing myself slowing through the last 50 pages.  Does it really have to end??  This is one of those books that you wish would go on and on.  All I can say is that if you've ever wondered about what happens inside those deep country churches with "signs following,"  you better run fast and find this book!   I loved it.

Highly recommend to everyone!!  There's something here for all of you....

Your Bookish Fiend....I mean, Dame

PS:  I did finish the book and it did not disappoint.  :]


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