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Monday, November 1, 2010

"Breaking Dawn" as it Dawned on Me.....

I tried "Breaking Dawn" on audio because I couldn't bring myself to waste good time actually reading the book...audio works for me while I'm working on jewelry-making. However, this time, the audio version just left me feeling out-of-sorts (as they say in the mid-West!).  I kept thinking the story would be best enjoyed like little children of the early to mid-1900's were; that is, "to be seen, and not heard."  In keeping with that sentiment, I happily turned off the machine and gave us all a rest.

"Twilight" books truly are best seen in the movies, I think, at least they work best for me that way.  I enjoy some of the YA literature, but I confess actual true love only for "Harry Potter," in recent years. This "Twilight," series is not a favorite due to its simplistic and nearly vaccuous style.  Sorry, fans of Stephenie Meyer!!

Let's just say, I love the movie versions because of the fascinating actors and the beautiful costumes, scenery and interiors....the storyline is weak, imho, no matter how you slice it.  But, keep 'em coming, Ms Meyer!  If Hollywood keeps signing you up, I'll keep buying those tickets to see all the "family" on the big screen!

For those of you who love to read this series, I say, enjoy!  There's a book out there for all of us!

Your Bookish Dame

PS:  Please don't kill the messenger.....


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