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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"A Killing of Angels" by Kate Rhodes


The first death looked like a suicide. But someone had tucked a picture of an angel and a handful of white feathers into the banker's pocket before pushing him in front of a train. A killer is stalking The Square Mile—the financial district in London—an avenging angel intent on punishment. But why these victims? What were their sins?

Psychologist Alice Quentin swore she'd never get involved with police work again. Her duty is to the living, not the dead. But she owes Detective Don Burns a favor. He was the one who would sit for hours when the last case they worked on together had landed her in the hospital. That case had clearly taken its toll on him, and his career, too. So when he comes begging for help, how can she refuse?
In order to find the murderer, Alice and Detective Burns must dig deep into the toxic heart of one of the major financial centers in the world. A place where money means more than life, and no one can be counted innocent.
A Killing of Angels is the second book in Kate Rhodes' Alice Quentin Series.

Published by:  St. Martin's Press
Pages:  336
Author:  Kate Rhodes
Genre:  Suspense/Thriller
Website:  http://www.katerhodes.org


KATE RHODES was born in London and lives in Cambridge, England. She completed a doctorate in American literature, then taught English at universities in Britain and the United States. She is the author of the novel Crossbones Yard and two collections of poetry and has received a number of honors and awards for her writing.


I decided it was time to take myself off the steady diet of historical fiction for a while and picked up a suspense/thriller by the relatively new author, Kate Rhodes.  She is the author of the well-received book "Crossbones Yard" of last year, which I have and can't wait to delve into very soon.  I was happy to have read this one; and, although it wasn't among the best of its kind I've ever read, I do recommend it for an easy afternoon of suspense.

The story itself kept me guessing all the way through and I love that.  I really couldn't figure out who was killing all the bankers of the Angel Bank and leaving the beautiful angelic pictures and feathers behind.  The main character, psychologist Alice Quentin, was engaging and very likable.  I could read about her every day.  She really kept the novel moving for me.  I thought the detective she was working with was somewhat a wet noodle at times, but very intriguing... I look forward to more from them in this series.

There were some glaring flaws in the book, sadly.  The main one that kept gnawing at me was the constant referral to hot weather.  It seemed on every page we were dripping wet with sweat!  I really disliked this element in the writing.  A couple of references would have been enough as it didn't add to the plot at all.

I also detested the detective's side-kick, Taylor, who was a conceited lout.  Supposed to be, but more prominent in the story than I cared for and not very subtle throughout or imaginative.  If one is supposed to be an idiot, he should have been more creative!

Aside from those two issues, I found the story flowed well and I enjoyed it.  I would absolutely read another of her books; and, as I've said, I'm set to read "Crossbones Yard" asap. This is a good read.

3.5 stars                     Deborah/TheBookishDame