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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Where Have All The Adult Blogger/Reviewers Gone?

I've been looking through the blogosphere recently and wondering what's happened to the the readers and reviewers of adult literature.  I mean general fiction, contemporary fiction, memoirs, biography....books that adult women and men would enjoy reading that aren't tied to YA fiction or historical fiction and romance.    Not that I don't love all genre...I do!!

Seriously,  I have only found a handful!!!  Any suggestions?

I'm going on a scouting expedition this week and will be back with some places for my readers to visit.  If you ARE a general fiction/adult reader, or if you know of a blog which reviews such books, would you please leave a comment for me here?

Really, I'm in need of some adult conversation!!!   I'm also in need of some adult reviewers, please.

I would so appreciate your help and so would some wonderful authors! 


Some blogger/reviewers are starting to write in about their blogs and how to find others.  This is wonderful and I hope my readers will take an interest and visit them.

I'm not casting aspersions upon YA fiction, by the way, just saying we need to find each other if we also enjoy reading general/adult fiction and want to know more about it and where to find those reviews!!

Please keep sending in your names/blog urls and suggestions for us.  People are reading and reacting!

Thanks,  Deb.



Have you looked at the list of blogs that participated in Armchair BEA?


Hi, Deb--

My own blog, Tales Between the Pages, is a general fiction/adult book blog. Occasionally, I'll talk about/review YA, but 90% of what I read is general adult fiction.

I've been noticing that almost all of the blogs I find have been YA themed. It is really hard to find general fiction blogs. You have to dig deep for them. I'm anxious to see how many you find and if they're the ones I've found.

Jessica @ www.talesbetweenthepages.com

Jennifer | Mrs Q Book Addict

I read mostly adult fiction, and I agree most blogs seems to be geared toward YA books. The Mailbox Monday meme has a lot of adult book bloggers. That might be a place to start.


Thanks so much for this early start, Kathy, Jessica and Mrs. Q. This is just what I mean, though...so few of us who want to review adult literature!! I hope others will keep writing in with their names and blogs!


I read mostly adult literary fiction (although reviews have been sadly lacking lately) and follow the same type of bloggers. My profile doesn't show the blogs I follow, but I'd be happy to send you a list if you're interested.


I write a blog on lit fiction/adult fiction and non-fiction if you're interested. There is only so much YA I can take!


MK McClintock

Once in a great blue moon will I review a YA book. I'm always happy to help where I can and read adult fiction and know of other bloggers who do the same. Like JoAnn, I can provide a list.


Great to know adult/general fiction bloggers are checking in! I hope this helps your blogs with more followers. We need to keep our general fiction authors supported!

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