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Friday, December 9, 2011

"One Hundred And One Nights" by Benjamin Buchholz ~ A Novel of Iraq and Rebuilding A Life

Published by:  Back Bay Books/Little, Brown and Co.
Pages:  346 and Reading Group Guide
Genre:  Contemporary Adult Fiction

@LittleBrown will be hosting a tweet chat for author, Benjamin Buchholz on Dec. 9, 1PM to 4PM. We will have Q&As, giveaways, and fun facts. All posts will be hash-tagged #101Nights. Everyone is welcome to attend.

About the Book:

After thirteen years in America, Abu Saheeh has returned to his native Iraq, a nation transformed by the American military presence.  Alone in a new city, he has exactly what he wants:  freedom from his past.  Then he meets Layla, a whimsical fourteen-year-old who amuses him with her love of American pop culture.  Enchanted by Layla's stories and her company, Abu Sheeh settles into the city's rhythm and begins rebuilding his life.   But two sudden developments--his alliance with a powerful merchant and his involvement with his hotheaded young assistant--reawaken painful memories, and not even Layla may be able to save Abu Saheeh from careening out of control and endangering everyone around them.

"One Hundred and One Nights" is a breathtaking story of friendship, love, and betrayal--an unforgettable novel about the struggle for salvation and the power of family.

Benjamin Buchholz is a the author of "Private Soldiers," a book about his Wisconsin National Guard unit's year-long deployment to southern Iraq.  He was stationed with his family in Oman from 2010 to 2011 and currently lives in Princeton, NJ, where he is pursuing a graduate degree in Middle East studies. 
 "One Hundred and One Nights" is his first novel.

Please see his absorbing article today "Fiction Born In A Moment of Truth" on Huff Post Books via Huffington Post at:

In addition:
You can find him at his blog:
Not Quite Right.com  

5 American Stars from The Dame!


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