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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Thanks to Publishers, Authors & Followers

Because it's Thanksgiving, but actually because it gives me a good excuse to let them know, I'd like to extend my gratitude to the following very important people in my life.   Without them, I couldn't publish my blog.

I'm so thankful to:

Publicity Contacts with~

Hachette Publishing Group; Mulholland Books, Orbit, Grand Central, Little, Brown and Co., LBYR  (Miriam, Brad, Anna, Brianne, Ellen and others)  My best and brightest friends, I'll never forget your continuing support of me.

St. Martin's Press; Bridget and Hector, wonderful at what you do and spot on where I'm concerned.  Thank you for everything.

Bloomsbury;  Katy, you're awesome!  :]

Poisoned Pen ;  Maryglenn, the best, love always!

Other Press ; Thank you for your generosity and kindness. You're just amazing.

Overlook Press;  Thank you for the opportunities. I so appreciate you.

Random House; Loved the choices available, and I'm thankful to review for your great authors.

Harper Collins;  Great books this year!  It is always an honor to be among your reviewers.

Simon & Schuster;  Thank you for excellence in publishing.

Egmont USA ;  New publisher for me this year and new authors I really loved...

Dear Authors, too many to name here:

You have made my days rich in so many ways. You've taken me to worlds and places, introduced me to characters and situations, to hearts and hearths, fantacies and frights that I would never have known.  You've made me imagine, and you've shocked me.

You've made me laugh and cry.  You've given me hope and taught me life lessons.  You've read me the riot act, let me down easy, lifted my spirits when I've needed it, caused me to remember and to celebrate the moments of my life.  You've made me angry.  You've made me think.  You've made me question my ways, my prejudices, my world views and my ways of living. 

You've shared your hearts with me.  You've given of your life's blood and your creative preciousness.  You've held your gift out for those of us who may be unworthy to see it and to, even, have the chance to pick it apart. In other words, you've been vulnerable to me and to others who've seen your spirit and soul.  Thank you for being so brave and so honest. Thank you for your graciousness and tolerance when I haven't understood you and have given a less than glowing response.

Thank you for those precious moments, for entrusting  your work to me, for commenting so graciously to my humble reviews.  Thank you that you write.  Thank you that you make your work available.  And, that you work so hard to make sure it gets into my hands. 

Your books are cherished, and I'm very honored that you allowed me to share in them this past year.  Thank you that you allow me to be a part of making sure they get into the hands of readers.

Tour Companies that help promote authors' books :

Thank you for the opportunities you gave me to be a part of this means to promote authors and their books; particularly for those who are self-publishing. 

I found many wonderful examples of excellent authors this way.  I'm a supporter of those brave authors who chose to self-publish, often given no other means to get their books out to readers, otherwise.

And, I found many known authors who used this venue to get more attention to their books.  They deserved more recognition than they were getting, as well.

Thanks for allowing me to be in your families:

Pump Up the Books   Dorothy Thompson

Nurture Your Books   Bobbie

The Book Snob  Bels

Review the Book

TLC  Trish and Lisa

To My Followers and Viewers :

Some of you have chosen to make yourselves known, and many have not.  Either way, I want you to know how very much I appreciate your taking your very precious moments to stop by to read my reviews of books. 

Your visits mean so much to the authors.  They mean so much to those publishers who work to get the special words; the books of these fine authors out to us.  And, they mean the world to me as a conduit, as well.

Thank you with all my heart to friends, followers and, especially the authors who enriched my life this year.

God bless you each one!

5 perfectly brilliant stars

Deborah/TheBookish Dame



This is really sweet, Deborah. And thank you for you wonderful, insightful, honest reviews.

Jenny Q

What a sweet post! I love what you had to say about how authors make you feel! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment!

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