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Friday, July 15, 2011

"Liberation: The Andrusian Chronicles, Book One" The Dame Reviews

I hope you've had an opportunity to read my last entry to find out a little about "Liberation" and an introduction of the author, Maria Lucia. 

It is highly recommended that my readers visit Maria's website at:  http://www.andrusionchronicles.com/
Here you'll find a full description of the Chronicles and their characters, including the mindset of Maria as she creates her worlds.

My Bookish Review:
As a first book in the Andrusion Chronicles, "Liberation" clearly sets out the background and foundation for the worlds that Ms Lucia creates.  This is a novel, and I suspect an entire series, that will be easily embraced by those who are swept up in this initial book.

Maria Lucia is a fine writer. I appreciated her easy and concise manner of descriptive characterization.  It was also infinitely refreshing to have her constant pronunciation notes throughout the book.  So often I get stuck trying to figure out how to pronounce the strange names in science fiction...which remain difficult to remember because of that.  It is easy to remember her characters by her addition in this area, and easy to relate to them as being more "real."

The storyline of "Liberation" is one that metaphysical and science fiction aficionados will love.  I found it absolutely unique from books I'd read before; a combination that was better written than those I had come into contact with in the past. What bothered me was that the "religious" or spiritual intent was only slightly cloaked in her fantasy storyline, and a somewhat sophisticated reader will shortly ferret that out.

This foundational book introduces the primary characters, Amora Madre; her soul mate, Gabriel Ephraim; and Amora's invisible playmates (angel guides),  Casey and Nia.  The unseen, spirit world battles they come to understand and encounter are the focus and theme of the book, along with a picture of the metaphysical for the reader.

As I say above, Ms Lucia is an excellent writer, technically.  She creates characters and a base of worlds which are easy to take in.  There is a clarity and every step taken to bring us into her "reality" of the galactic and dimensional.  The storyline flows well.

What I must add is that this is not my ordinary sort of book, personally.  However, I think it will have its appeal to others.  I cannot, for that reason, give Ms Lucia's book a negative review.

I think "Liberation..." will have a specific following.  It will probably be in the area of the metaphysical more than the sy-fy, but I may be mistaken.  There is a strong sy-fy element; however, as I've said, the spiritual intent could possibly overshadow the book for some discerning readers.

The Dame must give this book a 3 stars...for not quite being what it seems. 

Deborah/Your Bookish Dame



Hi Deb,
Thanks for your email. No I hadn't been here. Actually saw some book news on your stitching blog which led me to sending you the email about 'Halcyon'. Will make sure to check back here in the future.

I've just started A.S. Byatt's 'The Children's Book'. I loved her 'Possession' and this is another good read.

hugs, Margaret

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