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Saturday, June 4, 2011

"Ella Bug" by Gregory Turner-Rahman A Childrens' Book for the Evolved Family

The Book Summary:
Ellabug is the simple story about non-traditional families following a young ladybug, as she begins to question her identity. Raised in a family made up of different animals, Ellabug desires ‘normality’ and uniformity which she finds in a family of ants whom she meets in the garden. Ella decides to escape the craziness in her own home by joining the ants. They, however, have a very different life and Ella is surprised when they work endlessly. Ella fears she has lost her parents forever and she quickly grows to appreciate her quirky family. Just when all seems lost, Ella’s parents call to her and they are reunited. All ends happily. Ella has learned that each family is unique in their own way.

About the Author:
Gregory Rahman-Turner is currently working full time as a tenure-track faculty in the Department of Art and Design at the University of Idaho where he teaches visual
communications design, digital imaging, and some theory and history courses. He is trained as an industrial designer and architect but has been a graphic designer and illustrator for over a decade and has served such clients (either directly or indirectly) as Precor, Jansport, Hasbro, a host of smaller businesses and individuals. He received a Clarion award for his work on a magazine called Skew (from Washington State University) and recently had an illustration showcased on The New Yorker website.

My Review:
What a darling book fit for children and parents, alike.  Who wouldn't love to introduce their children to a little Ellabug who has the courage to wonder about her circumstances living in a family with mixed caretakers and loved ones? 

Ellabug's adventuresome spirit, her bravery and her willingness to try new things teaches a great lesson to children who find themselves on the brink of feelings they aren't sure how to express.

I loved the unusual illustrations.  Many of the children's books we love and read today are filled with beautiful, but standard pictures that seem familiar to children and to us.  Ellabug steps out of the mold into another, interesting perspective.  Greytones aren't ones ordinarily thought of as backgrounds...however, they work in sharp contrast to the colorful sets of flower and fauna and animals, bringing them more sharply into focus.  Children will love this!  It's sophisticated and interesting.

There is much symbolism in Ellabug's journey.  So, there is so much that involves a parent and child.  This engenders conversation which enables a little one in expressing their own questions and anxieties, if they have any.  At the very least, conversation is opened and that can never be anything but good.

I highly recommend this paperback book for you and your children.  I'm buying it for all of my grandchildren.  It's that good!

5 stars for "Ellabug"



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