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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Made in America, Sold in the Nam" Book Written by Veterans & Loved Ones!

"Made In America, Sold In the Nam" is a long-awaited book for me.  As a child of the '60's, and a military brat, at the same time, I lived through the residuals of the Viet Nam War and have always felt a sense of displacement about it.  This book was a salve to my emptiness.  It was a "yes" to my heart's cry for my friends who had to go there when they didn't want to, and who sometimes came home, and sometimes, didn't.

The writers in this beautiful, heartwrenching, chilling and uplifting book are simply angels of another time.  They are artists and witnesses, survivors and grievers, husbands, wives, children, friends, neighbors, teachers, preachers, doctors, pilots and others who know what it's like to taste a little bit of Hell on Earth, and to share it with us.  They are to be commended and honored for that simple act alone, as if their other actions and reactions didn't mean the world, as well!

It is writers such as these that remind us ever that War is futile in the end; that it is destructive to the minds, spirits, hearts and bodies of those we cherish.  For that alone, I beg you to read this precious book.

Please leave me a note if you were in any way touched by the Viet Nam War.  It would be good to share our experiences, and I will post your comments on my next entry...   Thanks!
Your friend,


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