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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Rescue" by Anita Shreve ~ Can One Rescue Come Full Circle?

In "Rescue," Ms Shreve offers up a cautionary tale, writing a moral story and a reminder to us that sometimes those who are our best equipped, and most professional "rescuers," are not always the ones capable of saving their own families in crisis.

Anita Shreve is the consummate storyteller. She never fails to provide the well-written, well-constructed, relavent novel to which her thousands of readers can relate. Her books are timeless. They are filled with grains of truth that surely 90% of her readers will understand on a profoundly personal level. I found this book no exception, although it was lighter than some of her previous books.

Characterization is strong and believable throughout, with people we love to champion, as well as those who will challenge our sense of right and wrong, and fairness. The characters are so well developed that the line between fantasy and reality come close to fading.

Ms Shreve's book extolls the benefits and warns of the consequences of rash decisions made in youth. It's this flipside of the coin that contributes to the story and the meanings of "rescue." These questions of consequence, family problems and moral obligations should make this book hit home for nearly everyone.

I highly recommend "Rescue," not only to fans of Anita Shreve, but also to those who want a contemporary novel with timeless, thought-provoking qualities...and, of course, beautiful writing.




This sounds like an interesting book. I know that very often, for example, shrinks and doctors have lives that also need rescuing while they are out doing that for other people. It is sort of a case of "who takes care of the carpenter's daughter while the carpenter is out taking care."

Alex Baugh

I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award. Check out my blog to see it at http://thechildrenswar.blogspot.com


Thank you, Alex!!! So awesome to get an Award!!


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