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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"Great House," by Nicole Krauss ~ Extraordinary but Illusive

Frankly speaking, I found this book completely confusing in structure.  The author does way too much skipping around in a disjointed manner..leaving the reader wondering who on earth she's talking about!  It spoiled the book in great part for me!

On a happier note, Ms Krauss had some moments of beautiful writing and clarity.  Her original concept of a desk that was a "house" unto itself and that linked several people and families in their writing and angst, was a  "great" one.  It just was so scattered and confusing in presentation that it missed being a fantastic novel.

I also became mind-boggled and frustrated by the author's switching from ordinary prose and descriptive writing to a sort of James Joyceian stream-of-consiousness at a couple of points.  Again, it was irritating and disrupted the reader's train of thought.

All in all, I would find it difficult to recommend this book to my friends or anyone.  I gave it 4-stars only because when she hits it right, Ms Krauss writes beautifully and with great heart.


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