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Sunday, October 31, 2010

To Song or Not to Song

Here I am expressing my inner "Blythe," (please see copyright above for credit)....  It's my vampirish/rockstar Blythe look.  You will note that I'm looking askance and I contemplate my Bookish Libraria face choices.

I need a poll, please.   What do you make of the Amazon gadget for the Top Music Choices???   I'm a bit frightened of it~~   Do you think it's worthwhile keeping?

Personally, I can't bear the widgets for music chosen by blog owners that are foisted upon reading friends. I simply like to read in silence for the most part, or to choose movie theme recordings or classical music.  In cases where the music automatically comes on and stays on while I try to enjoy a great blog, I find myself loving the blogger and hating the music, so to speak.

Let me know whether I should keep my widget.  It's only here for quick listening chosen by each of you or quick ordering if you want to.

Very truly yours,

A Blythe and Bookish Dame


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